MN Daily announces new OP staff

The Office of the Publisher will lead The Minnesota Daily next year.

by Andrew Penkalski

The Minnesota Daily Board of Directors finished selecting next yearâÄôs Office of the Publisher staff last week. This staff, which will lead The Minnesota Daily during the next academic year, will be comprised of juniors Devin Henry, Tom Johnson and Christian Santacana. Santacana, who has been selected as the business operations officer, has been with the paper since he was hired as a sales representative in the summer of 2008. His new position will place him at the head of the paperâÄôs advertising department. According to Santacana, who is currently the sales productivity director, a large goal in his new position will be keeping the organization fiscally responsible. âÄúWe want to keep the Daily printing the way itâÄôs always printed,âÄù Santacana said. While many larger news organizations have witnessed dwindling advertising returns in recent years, Santacana remains optimistic about the paperâÄôs sustainability. âÄúI think itâÄôs because weâÄôre such a culturally embedded part of campus,âÄù he said, âÄúthat makes it a bit harder for us to get thrown aside.âÄù Henry, who has been selected as the new editor-in-chief, said he has been passionate about news writing for some time. Henry, who has been with the paper since he was hired as a science and technology reporter in fall 2007, cites his experience covering the 2008 political beat as one of the most rewarding experiences during his time with the Daily. âÄúI always knew I had an interest in political journalism,âÄù he said, âÄúbut that whole experience made me know thatâÄôs what I wanted to go into.âÄù According to Henry, one of the largest duties of editor-in-chief is having the final say on all published content. Henry, currently the policy desk editor, hopes to expand the interactivity capabilities of the paperâÄôs Web site during the next year. Continuing to encourage in-depth reporting from the newspaperâÄôs projects desk is another goal, he said. Unlike many staff members, Johnson was not drawn to the newspaper because of career goals. âÄúI do things because they interest me, not for a career,âÄù said Johnson, the paperâÄôs current audiovisual editor. âÄúItâÄôs how I came to journalism.âÄù Johnson, who will take over as president in May, has similar goals of progress. His position will have him acting as the glue between all departments of the organization, he said. For Johnson, a large goal for next year will be introducing greater integration of multimedia into the stories available online. Johnson has been with the Daily since 2008 when he was hired as an arts and entertainment reporter intern.