Some Eddie Izzard miscellany

by Spencer Doar

Here are some other things comedian Eddie Izzard mentioned when speaking with A&E. 

Izzard said he decided not to pursue an accounting degree because in the years it would have taken to become established in the field, his stepmother would have nagged him incessantly about his choice. 

“I went for my dreams, I did the American dream thing in Europe — I did the European dream.”

Izzard said he had his political outlook figured out by 35.

“Humanity is moving forward, sometimes it takes a step backwards, but we march forward together. For me, that’ll be the struggle of life for the rest of eternity.”

“If Europe doesn’t learn to work together in some shape or form, the world will not make it.”  

And then there’s this bit of wisdom:

“You need to paddle faster than the river of life.”

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