The Fashionista is in: Fall beauty endorsements

The Fashionista weighs in on the commandments of maintaining a fashionable edge.

by Sally Hedberg

We all have our romantic pipe dreams. Mine currently involves becoming the Middleton to Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and owning a BergdorfâÄôs online shopping cart that will never be checked out (my kingdom for a pair of Jimmy Choo Hologram booties).

As much as IâÄôve tried, you canâÄôt simply wish a $2,000 pair of shoes into your possession. The compromise is hard to accept, but youâÄôve got to set your sights on whatâÄôs attainable, and whatâÄôs attainable is keeping up with trends via styling (e.g., makeup and accessories).

Here are the commandments of always maintaining a fashionable edge when your wardrobe hasnâÄôt changed in a while.

Nail maintenance

There is nothing more sloppylooking than chipped nail polish. If your color is starting to crumble itâÄôs time to break out the remover.

Consistently maintained nails have the ability to pull a look together in the most subtle way, so why not? ItâÄôs so simple.

If nail color isnâÄôt your thing then at least keep âÄôem trimmed.

You donâÄôt need to book a pricey professional to always rock a refined manicure. This season the color palate is full of deep blues and metallics. Fashionista fav: ChanelâÄôs limited edition Les Vernis Nail Colour in âÄúBlue Boy.âÄù ItâÄôs the color of faded denim and itâÄôs absolutely gorgeous.


I get it. Lots of people are intimidated at the thought of incorporating lipstick into their daily makeup regiment. The fear is that itâÄôs excessive or garish or too reminiscent of Kelly OsbourneâÄôs pre-style transformation (girlâÄôs looking good these days).

It doesnâÄôt have to be, though. Wearing lipstick doesnâÄôt automatically mean wearing the most obnoxious shade of femme-fatale red. Go subtle with a matte pink, peach or coral. It knocks up the style points, undoubtedly.

Current drugstore favorite: MaybellineâÄôs Color Sensational Lipcolor in âÄúCoral Crush.âÄù

Accessorize âĦ but not too much.

Accessorizing is hands down the best way to add depth to a look, but overdo it and you come out looking more like Ke$ha than style savvy, which is to say, an accessory train wreck.

Choosing one piece to center attention is an effective strategy. If youâÄôre wearing a statement necklace, then stay away from chunky bracelets or attention-grabbing earrings.

Another hint: Match your metals. Brass rings donâÄôt look very good paired with silver necklaces or cuffs.

Best local places to accessory shop for cheap: Rewind Vintage and Katy Schmaty Jewelry (sold at You and Me).


In my mind I imagine the hunt for oneâÄôs perfect personal scent as similar to what J.K. Rowling established in Harry Potter in regard to wand shopping.

Now, obviously the perfume doesnâÄôt really choose the person, but I do believe there is a fitting scent for everyone, guys and girls alike.

Head to the mall for a Tour de Parfum. Figure out if you vibe more on floral or spicy notes. IâÄôm a diehard Coco Mademoiselle girl but everyone will be lured by something different.

Scent adds sophistication, especially when they can be linked to a specific person. Spritz away!