Surly throws party in celebration of “Destination Brewery” bill’s passing

Andrew Penkalski

There will be a lot of pint glasses and tall boys clinking in celebration next weekend at Surly Brewery’s Brooklyn Center headquarters. 

In the wake of the “Destination Brewery” bill’s success at the capitol, Surly will be throwing a free bash next Saturday, June 18th, at their Brooklyn Center brewery. The open-house event will be taking immediate advantage of the recent change in legislation, which Surly naturally spearheaded. The change in policy will allow Surly to sell beer on site as well as constructing a new brewery and event center. 

Next weekend’s “Power of the Pint” party also touts some of Minneapolis’ appropriately raucous bands. Pink Mink, Gay Witch Abortion and Nightosaur will be there to keep things in full swing along with a collection of food vendors to keep that belly of brew well saturated. The festivities will kick of at 2:00 p.m and run until 6:00 p.m.