“It’s October 3rd” — T.V.’s best new mean girls

Lucy Nieboer

We love to hate stupid Karen, spoiled Gretchen Weiners, and evil Regina George. Today the web has been exploding with quotes from the 2004 modern-day classic, Mean Girls. Good villians are  more fun to watch than boring protagonists. We may have been rooting for Cady Heron to escape the dangerous world of "the Plastics," but we enjoyed every wretched minute of back-stabbing and scheming.

Although the Plastics' reign is over, T.V. will keep us satisfied with plenty of new wicked witches we love to hate. Some of my favorites are:

Sadie Saxton  As Jenna Hamilton's biggest rival on MTV's "Awkward.," her tagline of a scathing, "You're Welcome," has me quaking in my boots.

Olivia Doran With that bone structure and freaky smirk, anything Vanessa Williams does is a bit creepy. Through in tons of money on the Upper East Side and a haunted building and you have one really scary landlord.


Leona Lansing If you thought Jane Fonda was intimidating in her role as a monster-in-law you've got another thing coming. As a major television executive in HBO's The Newsroom, she's got the money, power and stare to take down anyone who gets in her way.