No more paper — ever

I am writing to express my vision for the University of Minnesota in 2050: a paper-free campus.
I want a campus where my grandchildren will touch zero textbooks, zero homework assignments, zero newspapers and zero work-study applications. Not because my children will inherit fabulous wealth, but because my back aches when I imagine them carrying 20 pounds of books and papers everyday like me.
I want a campus where my grandchildren will have instant and secure access to their entire college education. Not because I think it will make it easier for them to learn calculus, but because I have nightmares of using WebVista and MyU.
The University Sustainability Committee will meet Friday, October 8 to propose big ideas for our campus to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. A paper-free campus is not only a health issue but also a sustainability issue.
Committee, please make a paper-free campus a priority.