Extension Service urges early retirements

Liz Kohman

In an attempt to avoid layoffs, University Extension Service officials want to encourage some employees to retire early.

Extension Service Dean Charles Casey asked the Board of Regents on Thursday to approve a retirement incentive plan for employees with federal appointments. His request comes after last week’s announcement that the program will have to cut $4.5 million in programs and employees to stay in business.

“Minnesota Extension is facing some hefty budget problems,” said University Vice President Carol Carrier.

The program would offer approximately a $10,00 base sale increase to 50 employees who will be eligible for full federal retirement benefits by June 30.

The increase would also improve their retirement package.

University administrators said they hope this will lead to fewer layoffs and hiring freezes.

“I think it’s a good thing for us to do,” Casey said.

The regents Faculty, Staff and Student Affairs Committee discussed and supported the retirement plan. Regents will vote on the plan Friday.

– Liz Kohman