The fashionista is in: for the ‘bros’

by Sally Hedberg

Though it may seem more outwardly important to us, fashion and style isnâÄôt the exclusive province of women. Men obviously want to look good, but for much of the XY-chromosome campus populace, this process doesnâÄôt involve nearly as much scrutiny of blogs and editorials to influence looks that are trend-savvy or fashion-forward (again, I know that there are some men who do this).

Some of the explanations for this are obvious. Dudes operate around comfort (see: the sea of Gophers gear on the Mall on any given day). ItâÄôs simple enough to just throw on yesterdayâÄôs sweats rather than contemplate style. But know this, men: When you radiate style, people notice, including the kind of people you most want to notice (e.g. girls you want to woo/buy drinks for/undress). ThereâÄôs no reason to feel daunted; gaining a fashionable edge is easy to achieve. ItâÄôs about subtlety, not flash. After much contemplation, IâÄôve compiled some tips to easily up your sartorial A-game.



First things first: the most common, vitally American piece of leg wear. Buy a cut that actually fits you. Pay no mind to the hipster abomination that is men squeezing into too-small skinny jeans. ItâÄôs not attractive on the majority who âÄúrockâÄù it, and youâÄôll look way fresher in a pair that sits the way it was meant to. Additionally, avoid lighter or acid washes of denim. Dark or gray-toned hues exude more poise. Translation: These colors are sexier on you.



In my opinion, this is the most immediate and successful route to establishing style cred as a guy. The wristwatch is timeless and adds an instant element of class. Yes, they can be expensive, but no oneâÄôs expecting you to empty your bank account on some diamond-encrusted Rolex. Do a little research. ItâÄôs worth it.



Have one standout jacket. This of course means outside of the mandatory Minnesota winter parka. If your jacket is interesting, then it pulls everything together and ups the style ante. My favorite outerwear look on guys is either military-influenced jackets or black leather bombers modeled after the Schott Perfecto (thatâÄôs the jacket James Dean wore).



Different shoes look good on different guys, so my advice in this realm is really just to care. Find a few casual styles you vibe on, and keep them fresh.



IâÄôm a huge advocate of hats. I love them on men, but there are some general things to consider. DonâÄôt wear the same one every day. Maybe wearing a hat is your âÄúthing,âÄù but itâÄôs not a stylish thing unless you can be diverse about it. Along the same line, donâÄôt wear one 24/7. Overreliance on any one accessory renders it somewhat less cool; this is true with womenâÄôs jewelry, and itâÄôs true with hats. Final note of hat wisdom: Keep in close mind that not everyone can rock a flat brim.


Go shopping

Grab a gal pal, and hit the mall and the thrift stores. Your shopping experiences will be too limiting if you just go on that obligatory trip with mom when youâÄôre home for a weekend.