The decade’s best new restaurants

Our mouths and bellies are glad that these places have cropped up in town.

by Tony Libera

10. Psycho SuziâÄôs Motor Lounge Psycho SuziâÄôs appeals to the coolest cats in Northeast. How could it not? ThereâÄôs a tiki garden, for goodness sake. Drinks are strong and the pizza is molto bene. 9. The Bulldog N.E. The Bulldog consistently makes criticsâÄô lists for the best burger in town, but they often forget the glory of the truffled chicken nuggets. All that poultry works up a mean thirst; luckily The Bulldog also features a rotating selection of 24 different tap beers to wash down all that immaculately fried grease. 8. Town Talk Diner Yes, the Town Talk Diner has been around forever, but the remodeling and changing of hands in the past couple of years has made it a completely new experience. The food is delicious, but itâÄôs the big olâÄô bar of homemade bathtub booze that makes the college folk swoon. 7. Red Stag Supperclub ItâÄôs surprising that the Red Stag used to be a warehouse. ItâÄôs been remodeled in the vein of Midwestern chic, and now the interior is so warm and cozy that you might actually think youâÄôre having a home-cooked supper with the family, albeit a fairly pricey one. 6. Sea Change Housed inside Guthrie Theater , Sea Change offers an über-trendy interior along with some of the best seafood in the city. ItâÄôs run by Tim McKee (the mad genius behind SmalleyâÄôs Caribbean Barbeque and Barrio, among others) and thatâÄôs really all you need to know. 5. Barrio Tequila Bar Yeah, they serve food, but thereâÄôs a reason itâÄôs called Barrio Tequila Bar. The alcohol menu is ridiculously long, featuring more kinds of tequila than one would think existed (the cheapest being Jose Cuervo Special at $4 , the most expensive being Don Julio Real at $65 ). Be sure to call a cab after you âÄúeatâÄù here. 4. Parasole Restaurants It is absurd how many Parasole Company restaurants have cropped up in the past decade. Chino Latino opened the millennium and Salut Bar-Américain, Burger Jones and Good Earth soon followed. And letâÄôs not forget MannyâÄôs Steakhouse and the super-swanky Prohibition located in the Foshay. The corporate homogeneity might be bad if the food werenâÄôt so good. 3. 20.21 20.21 is a high end Wolfgang Puck chain, so you know the food is good (or possibly fascist). But itâÄôs lodging inside the Walker is the real appeal, with a stylish interior befitting an art center and an enjoyable view of the Loring Park area. 2. 112 Eatery 112 EateryâÄôs biggest draw is that it is home to Isaac Becker , repeat nominee for Best Chef in America. HeâÄôs a culinary stud, so it would be very easy for him to draw in the yuppiest of crowds. And yet somehow 112 Eatery manages to be unpretentious, providing the perfect atmosphere for high-end dining. 1. La Belle Vie Surprise! ItâÄôs another Tim McKee restaurant. Forget Minneapolis, ZagatâÄôs named this place as one of the best restaurants in America. ItâÄôs definitely spendier than half the places on this list (the grilled beef tenderloin is $38), but the food looks like it came out of some French movie from the âÄô50s and, in the words of Don Curry (âÄúFriday After NextâÄù) it tastes so good [it] makes you want to slap your mama.