Pizza Luce cancels this year’s Block Party

by Rebecca Harrington

The Pizza Luce Block Party has outgrown its space on the corner of 32nd Street and Lyndale Avenue in South Minneapolis and needs to take a break this year to find a bigger location, The Current reported.

"We are sad to end its run at our Uptown location, however, we are excited to bring it back at a new location for Pizza Luce's 20th anniversary in 2013," said CEO JJ Haywood.

The Block Party started in 2003, and had attracted major artists like P.O.S. and Brother Ali, which was part of the reason it had grown so large.

For next year, fans can look forward to an even bigger Block Party at a new location that could possibly be a co-sponsored event.

"Ideally, we’re looking to partner with the local music community in the Twin Cities and collaborate on a block party type event," said Pizza Luce's marketing manager Corey Sax. "Local music is a huge part of who we are, who our customers are and our brand. It’s incredibly important that we create a unique event that celebrates this connection. We look forward to continuing to work with awesome local musicians.”