Grads, get insured

by Scott Leitz, MNsure CEO

Let’s face it. With graduation right around the corner for many students, health insurance is probably not even on their radar. Finding that first job, finding a great place to live and finding your place in the world are far closer to the top of the list of priorities. But now that adulthood may be upon you, adding comprehensive health coverage to your to-do list today can make it possible to take those next steps without worrying that sudden medical expenses will derail everything you’ve worked so hard for.
Health insurance sounds like something your parents need to worry about. Luckily, the Affordable Care Act makes it possible to stay on your parents’ insurance until you’re 26. But what do you do if that’s not an option for you? What if you’ve been covered by student health insurance up till now and graduation means an end to that coverage? Or your college job is ending once you earn your degree? All it takes is one accident that blindsides you to drive home the real need for everyone to have health insurance — including you. 
But you’re young and healthy, right? College-aged adults may be considered “young invincibles,” but you are the age group with the highest uninsured rate and the age group most likely to visit the emergency room. Without health insurance, the cost of one broken arm can be surprisingly expensive, especially for someone who may already have student loan and other debt.
Fortunately, MNsure makes it easy to enroll in affordable coverage so that you don’t have to worry that a doctor’s visit will wipe out your grocery budget. Many
Minnesotans save money when they enroll through MNsure — in fact, many of you will likely qualify for premium subsidies, low-cost or even no-cost coverage. 
While graduation in and of itself is not a “qualifying life event,” college graduates who experience a life event — such as the loss of university- or employer-sponsored health insurance — may be eligible to enroll through MNsure now, thanks to our Life Events Special Enrollment Period. You have 60 days to enroll after you’ve had a qualifying life event, and because this 60-day period will begin soon for many of you, the time is now to investigate the options available through MNsure.
On top of the major life changes college graduation brings about, choosing the right insurance can seem overwhelming. We’re here to help. 
Graduation is a time for looking forward, hopefully, to all that is ahead and can be an exciting period in your life. Don’t let one unexpected trip to the emergency room unhinge your plans by drowning you in debt. Getting health insurance coverage is an investment in your future, and MNsure is making it possible for today’s graduates to get quality, affordable coverage.