Council honors outgoing grad school dean

Andrew Donohue

Honoring the work of Graduate School Dean Mark Brenner was at the top of the Council of Graduate Students’ agenda Wednesday during its first meeting of the quarter.
The biquarterly assembly, which took place at Coffman Memorial Union, also touched on such graduate student concerns as transportation and many financial issues in addition to a presentation to Brenner.
Brenner, who is also University vice president for research, will be stepping down this summer to give way to University President Mark Yudof’s newest Texan appointee, Christine Maziar.
Council President Albert Nakano began the presentation to Brenner by recapping his education and ascent to the office of the dean. Nakano also highlighted the work Brenner has done for both the graduate students and the University.
“It has been an honor and pleasure to work with Dean Brenner. I am not only speaking for myself, I know my predecessors feel the same way,” Nakano said. “Thanks to him and his staff’s work, we still have a graduate school.”
At the end of the ceremony, the council presented Brenner with a framed copy of the Mutual Responsibilities Document.
Brenner is still working closely with the council to put the document, which deals with issues such as ethics, academic standing and research, into effect. The paper outlines expectations for graduate students and the school itself.
“I am pleased to put this on the wall of the graduate school, but it will follow with me,” Brenner said. “I thank you so much and I appreciate working with you.”
While the council took time to look to the past and honor Brenner’s achievements, members also glanced to the future and their dealings with the new dean.
“We hope to work well and close with Dean Maziar to advocate graduate learning,” Nakano said.
Aside from the festivities for Brenner, the assembly discussed the newest plan to alleviate the overcrowded busing problem on campus.
Because of differences in estimated figures between the council and transportation officials, Executive Vice President Susan Daniels announced that the University will be placing volunteers at bus stops to monitor how frequently the buses come and how crowded each is.
“We will be counting from the bus stops so we don’t overpopulate the buses even more,” Daniels said.
She also proposed an invitation for Yudof to ride the bus himself, to experience the overcrowding first hand.