Heat of the Week: films, fashion and a few laughs

Need some pop culture inspiration for your week? Keep your finger on the pulse of all things A&E with this week’s heat.

by Meg Bishop, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Things are a-changin’. Leaves are taking on their yearly metamorphosis and the fall chill has taken over. With Oct. 1 being the official start of sweater weather and “Spooky Season,” it’s only right to share some pop culture content giving the biggest chills and warmest laughs.

Something to watch:
“Spooky Season” classics are a regular watch for many, but what about the more timely thrillers? Expand your horizons with this year’s most recent spooky fall flicks that are bound to keep those palms sweating.

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A rideshare driver kills for clout, literally. Featuring everyone’s favorite “Stranger Things” babysitter, Joe Keery, this film plays out the plot of a social media obsessed influencer turned stalker-killer.

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Running from zombies and living off nothing but adrenaline, the South Korean flick takes place in an apocalyptic zombie wasteland. “#Alive” parallels the fears and quarantined living playing out during COVID-19.

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Set in modern day Virginia, Veronica Henley, played by Janelle Monáe, becomes stuck in a nightmare where she finds herself living in Virginia during the Civil War. She is forced to endure the state’s segregated past until she confronts a darkness surrounding her. The film could easily become one of this year’s top Oscar nominees.

Something to wear:
Hot colors: yellows and greens

Lime Green Blazer / Topshop
Green compliments other earth-toned clothing items, allowing the piece to easily pair with blue jeans or flare pants and can add comfort to a stunning look.

Moss Lace Corset / PacSun
Stand out against the changing leaves with this bright yellow corset. Perfect for a day in the park, it pairs beautifully with a fall jacket or cropped long sleeve turtleneck.

Utility Pocket Pant / Jimmy Jazz
Original multi-pocket cargo pants redesigned for casual streetwear and a piece that goes with any fall top, these pants make for the perfect mix of leisure and play with the elastic waistband and jogger cuffs.

Something to laugh about:
Taylor Tomlinson, Quarter-Life Crisis
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Taylor Tomlinson’s Quarter-Life Crisis is a deep dive into what it feels like to be single and in your 20s. She’s all about learning through trial-and-error dating. There’s point-blank honesty in the way she talks about the confusion of adult life. At the same time, she shows love to the unpredictability of it all. Everything during the special is about her individual experiences and how she’s seen others go through the exact same thing. From confusing hookups to growing up with controlling parents, Tomlinson tells all at 26.

Something to tap your foot to:
“The Ascension” by Sufjan Stevens
An orchestra hums as an electric keyboard plays over dreamy and vulnerable lyrics — a Sufjan Stevens specialty. His eighth studio album, “The Ascension,” arrived on September 25. Unlike previous albums, many of the songs on “The Ascension” focus solely on production and feature minimal lyrics — a bold choice, but one Stevens plays to his advantage.