Campus crime update: Fall sees major crime upticks for University neighborhoods

University of Minnesota neighborhoods aren’t exempt from Minneapolis’ increase in both violent and property crimes.


Tony Saunders

A University of Minnesota Police car is parked outside of the Graduate Hotel on East Bank on Thursday, June 21.

by Samantha Hendrickson

As crime in Minneapolis continues to rise citywide in 2020, University of Minnesota neighborhoods are not exempt.

Citywide, Minneapolis has seen a 33% increase in violent crime and a 6% increase in property crime from Sept. 1 to Dec. 1 of 2020, compared to the same dates in 2019.

Minneapolis Police Department crime data gathered and analyzed by the Minnesota Daily shows that crime has risen in University neighborhoods in nearly every category of both violent and property crime during that same date range.

Several major crimes have stood out this year in University neighborhoods, and some remain unsolved. But like many neighborhoods across the country, 2020 continues to be a year of crime upticks for these Southeast Minneapolis communities.


While violent crime in Cedar-Riverside appeared to decrease in the spring of 2020 compared to last year, that trend hasn’t lasted into the fall.

Aggravated assault and robbery have both more than doubled compared to 2019, reaching 17 and 16 incidents, respectively. Incidences of rape and domestic assault have also increased marginally.

Property crime is also up, with a 33% increase in larceny with 73 reported occurrences this fall, more than double the burglaries at 15 incidents, and a 78% increase in theft from a motor vehicle with 48 incidents.

Southeast Como

Robbery in Southeast Como is up to 4 incidents from one compared to the date range between Sept.1 and Dec.1 of last year.

Larceny is up by 61% with 50 reported occurrences, and theft from a motor vehicle has more than doubled to 38 incidents.

Southeast Como saw its first homicide in five years this past February, when an intoxicated woman stabbed her boyfriend at the 900 block of 15th Avenue Southeast. The woman, Zara Jo Case, was sentenced over the summer to more than 10 years of prison time, according to the Star Tribune.


On May 8, Jory Wiebrand, an alleged serial rapist, was charged with sexual assault and kidnapping. He is suspected to be responsible for 12 different sexual assaults around the state, at least four of which allegedly occurred in Marcy-Holmes.

However, this fall, aggravated assaults have remained about the same in the largest of the University neighborhoods, while robbery has increased compared to the same timeframe last year, and is up by 69% with 22 incidents.

There are still no leads in the murder of a Marcy-Holmes man from last October, and the incident prompted several safety meetings in the neighborhood.

Marcy-Holmes has seen a 83% increase in property crime overall, reaching 422 incidents this fall. This includes a 122% increase in burglary with 60 reported occurrences, a 59% increase in larceny with 205 reported occurrences. Theft from motor vehicle has more than doubled, reaching 85 incidents this fall. Auto theft has also more than doubled up to 72 incidents.

Prospect Park

While the crime numbers for Prospect Park are relatively small, eight robberies occurred this year, compared to three during the Sept. 1 to Dec. 1 timeframe last year.

There has also been a 52% increase in larceny with 152 reported occurrences, a 93% increase in burglary with 27 occurrences, theft from motor vehicle nearly doubled to 71 incidents and auto theft has increased by 145% to 27 incidents this fall.