Street Style: Halloweekend: University students celebrated the holiday in style

From movie stars to Mr. Clean, University of Minnesota students brought their costume A-game to the streets of Dinkytown.


Image by Alice Bennett

Josh Peterson

by Sophia Zimmerman

For many students, Halloween is more than one day out of the year dedicated to a scary movie marathon or a silly little costume party. Halloween means Halloweekend, a three-day celebration dedicated to the holiday — and to going out and showing off your most creative costume ideas.

The beauty of the holiday lies in its versatility. There’s room to be the funny friend, decked out in a bald cap and fake mustache or the aesthetically-appealing friend, color-coordinated in an Amazon corset, ready for the perfect Instagram shot. Even if you’re the group member that waited to plan a costume until the night before, it doesn’t matter — because anything goes on Halloweekend.

A&E spent time on the corner of 4th Street and 13th Avenue on the Friday night that commenced Halloweekend to photograph creative and quirky costumes students donned.


(From left to right, Kaylee Ingrassia and Madison Hokkanen)

Best friends Kaylee Ingrassia and Madison Hokkanen dressed up as Adam Sandler and Mr. Clean.

Cassi Cumigad

Cassi Cumigad’s perfectly placed fake blood made her Carrie costume.

Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson opted for the comfort of a shark costume for the night.

From left to right, Grace Bratz and Emma Bratz

Grace and Emma Bratz drew inspiration from themselves this year, deciding to dress up as a pair of iconic Bratz dolls.

Josh Peterson

Josh Petersen went out as Elvis Presley for the night.

From left to right, Frank Lewis, Julia Birdsell, Kristian Masters and Lizzie Edinger

Frank Lewis and Kristian Masters stepped out as Scotty Smalls and Benny Rodriguez from the Sandlot. Julia Birdsell and Lizzie Edinger opted to dress up as “Mean Girls.”