Boru: Should women have abortions if they are not necessary?

Mercy and humanity should be shown to the unborn.


by Luul Boru

The topic of abortion is a very sensitive one, and I will do my best to treat it as such. But don’t confuse this with me shying away from saying what I believe is morally right and wrong. Before I educated myself on abortion, I believed that it was wrong to have an abortion, regardless of necessity. My opinion has changed and I became tolerant of abortion, but only when it is necessary.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United States on Jan. 22, 1973. The ruling included protection against violating women’s privacy, which meant women had the right to their reproductive choices. It also stated there would be minimal to no state interference with pregnancy, and if there were to be interference, it would be to prohibit abortion after viability; that is, after the pregnancy reaches 24 weeks gestational age, unless it is being done in order to save the woman’s health or life. I am keen on what causes the state to get involved, and I believe it is to protect potential life if the pregnancy is being terminated for reasons other than health complications. I agree with abortion if life is at stake, but not when it is done because of inconvenience.

I want to repeat that I don’t oppose abortion when it is necessary. I looked into the reasons why women typically want to abort and the results were, in my opinion, disappointing. A majority of women cited reasons such as unpreparedness, educational interruption and not being ready to have a baby as reasons why they chose to have an abortion. A little baby who has the right to live gets terminated because this baby happens to be an inconvenience. What happened to fighting for humanity and preserving human lives?

Perhaps a single mom can’t afford to raise a child alone. The fact of the matter is, we live in the United States, where we have resources such as institutions and centers set up to help women and their children. There are places where women can bring their children, such as the Center for Women and Families, the Center for Women and Children, the Lotus House Safe Haven program, Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support and more.

Women shouldn’t have abortions unless it is medically necessary. I feel like abortion has become a moral dilemma in our society today and in order to prevent falling into this dilemma, please protect yourselves to the best of your ability and reach out for help. We don’t always have our lives together, but when we make a human life worthless by deeming it a disruption to our occupations and education, then what should we make of ourselves?