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Published April 13, 2024

Dr. Date: My girlfriend is obsessed with Andrew Garfield

How do I tell my girlfriend that her celebrity crush is hurting my feelings?

Dear Dr. Date,

There’s no way around it: my girlfriend is obsessed with Andrew Garfield. It all started when we watched Tick Tick… Boom! on Netflix a few weeks ago. We were about halfway through the movie when my girlfriend started commenting on how talented and attractive she thinks Andrew Garfield is. Not gonna lie, he is a pretty good-looking dude and I understand why people are attracted to him, but her crush is starting to get out of control. 

My girlfriend’s TikTok “for you” page is EXCLUSIVELY clips of Andrew Garfield, and she likes literally every single one of them. Not only that, but the only YouTube videos she watches are of Andrew Garfield interviews (the fact that he’s British only makes me more upset). She’s made me watch nearly every movie he’s in and gets mad at me if I start talking during them, especially during Amazing Spider-Man 2. But that was only the beginning.

When I went to her apartment the other day, I was horrified to discover that her shower curtain was covered in pictures of Andrew Garfield’s face. My girlfriend seemed to think it was funny, but I went home and cried. I don’t know what to do anymore. If she’s spending all her time thinking about Andrew Garfield’s symmetrical face… when does she take the time to think about mine? Ever since this addiction has started she’s been texting me less and less – I don’t know where that leaves this relationship.

How do I tell my girlfriend that her celebrity crush is hurting my feelings?


Caught in a web of despair

Dear Caught in a web of despair,

First of all, it is completely normal for people to have celebrity crushes, even those who are in relationships. As a certified doctor, I can also attest that many of us on campus have our own Andrew Garfield obsessions, especially since Tick Tick… Boom! came out – I’m glad to hear that you’ve had your fair share of looks into his dreamy eyes.

Eyes aside, it is understandable that you feel upset and insecure about your girlfriend’s celebrity crush, as it seems to have become a prevalent part of her life. The best thing you can do is sit down with your girlfriend and tell her how you’re feeling. Tell her that hearing her talk about Andrew Garfield makes you feel bad and that it’s having a negative effect on your relationship. Remind her that her heart (probably) has room for both her celebrity crushes and her partner. Hopefully, she will begin to keep the Andrew Garfield fangirling to a minimum.


Dr. Date

Are you romantically bewildered? Are you sexually consternated, and is your relationship status a little too complicated? Want advice from the Minnesota Daily’s in-house love doctor? Email Dr. Date at [email protected].

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