Dr. Date: Is my partner going to leave me once they get the vaccine?

Will my partner leave me once the pandemic ends, when staying inside and safe is no longer necessary?


by Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

I’m experiencing quite the dilemma. My partner just told me that they’re registered to get their first dose of the vaccine. They’ll be back in bars, eating in restaurants and socializing with a wider group of people. They won’t need me anymore. Will my partner leave me once the pandemic ends, once staying indoors and in our designated pod is no longer necessary? Help!


One shot, one kill

Dear One shot, one kill,

We’ve become touch-starved this past year. Maybe that’s caused you and your new partner to cozy up together while everybody was contracting COVID-19. But now, the Twin Cities — and the U.S. — is seeming to turn a more optimistic and COVID-friendly page.

Will your partner leave you once we’re back socializing? Maybe, who’s to say? I’m a doctor, I can’t predict the future. You’d have to see a psychic for that. If you or they meet someone new, c’est la vie!

Be happy you had (and still have) someone during this crazy time. You’ll probably have this person in the future, but if not, you’ll find another bae to go to bars with. Don’t fret. Live in the moment, and get your vaccine!


Dr. Date

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