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Editorial: Don’t protest, march or create a hostile environment

Don’t let the University of Minnesota turn into a battleground.
Image by Sarah Mai

The last, best hope for mankind is love. Campuses across the nation have turned into battlegrounds over Israel.  Don’t let that happen at the University of Minnesota.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, a Bahá’í from Palestine who spoke in Minneapolis in September 1912, while traveling in the U.S. said this, as published in “Promulgation of Universal Peace”:

“God created one earth and one mankind to people it.  Man has no other habitation, but man himself has come forth and proclaimed imaginary boundary lines and territorial restrictions, naming them Germany, France, Russia, etc.  And torrents of precious blood are spilled in defense of these imaginary divisions of our one human habitation, under the delusion of a fancied and limited patriotism.

“After all, a claim and title to territory or native land is but a claim and attachment to the dust of earth.  We live upon this earth for a few days and then rest beneath it forever.  So it is our graveyard eternally.  Shall man fight for the tomb which devours him, for his eternal sepulcher?  What ignorance could be greater than this?  To fight over his grave, to kill another for his grave!  What heedlessness!  What a delusion!”

Don’t protest, don’t march and don’t create a hostile environment for fellow Americans.

If God created one earth and one mankind to people it, anyone born on earth has the right to inhabit any part of it.  People earning trillions from fossil fuels need to move over for climate refugees.

Both religions claim God gave them the land.  Did God give the land to the ancient Hebrews for then or to recent Jewish immigrants for now?  Did God give the land to those people who faithfully follow His most recent Messenger? Since 1863, that’s been Bahá’ís, but Bahá’ís are forbidden to settle there permanently, on Bahá’u’lláh’s orders.

Solomon answered it: one baby, two women claiming it.  The woman okay with cutting the baby in two was not the mother.

Israel cut the baby in two with fences and is pushing Palestinians out.  Hamas is fine with killing the entire baby.  Iran may nuke it so no-one can have it.  The land belongs to mankind.  Don’t create dissension here for murderers’ sakes.

Minnesotans, love one another and uphold justice.  Hamas is unjust.  Israel is unjust.  Everybody on Earth is literally related to each other, family.  Borders are man-made constructs used to control other people and their economic output.  Don’t be unkind to Muslims, Jews or any American over foreign dirt.

TV news said Hamas met with Putin first.  Putin’s goal is to cut off U.S. funding to Ukraine and have our streets run with blood.  A Hamas leader in Lebanon essentially said Hamas wants the IDF to cease fire against them but Hamas will never cease fire against the IDF.  In that interview, the Hamas leader said Hamas wants Muslims and others to march in protest worldwide against Israel. The Hamas leader admitted they killed over 1,000 innocent Israelis and took more than 240 hostages for feet in streets, for public pressure, for bloody protests.  Americans aren’t dummies and we aren’t pawns for contending political parties’ and nations’ manipulation.

In 1962, Al Milgrom founded the U Film Society and brought us international films.  Americans attended their homelands’ films and we got to practice languages.  The people on the screen felt like family, you began to understand them and that built love in Minnesota for other nations.  Jews like Al Milgrom have blessed my life.

How can you not love Jews who protest on behalf of Palestinians?

My niece is the first Muslim in our Catholic and evangelical Christian, Swedish-German family.  She was the best of the grandkids, always serving others, loving, smart.  She learned Arabic and memorized a third of the Qu’ran in Arabic.  She’s raised her five kids to be blessings to humanity and lovers of everyone.  American Muslims are a blessing to all of us (but no midnight adhans, please!).

I regret that in March 2020 when an Asian man ran to the front of a packed bus for protection by the driver after a Black youth in the back of the bus yelled about Asians bringing covid, I didn’t stand up and shout, “We’re all Americans here!  Stop it!”

The FBI’s Chris Wray reported to Congress our enemies are sending people to foment race riots and kill us.  When we’re at each other’s throats, Russia can nuke us with no response from us.

Jews and Muslims deserve to be safe everywhere on earth, especially here.  Speak up for love.  Let’s cleanse our hearts from ethnic and racial prejudice.  Don’t let race riots incited by Russians happen here.

Susan Frenzel was a staff member at the University of Minnesota in 1974 and between 1980-1985, as well as attending classes. 

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Comments (3)

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  • Susan Frenzel
    Nov 14, 2023 at 10:19 am

    Grace, an eye for an eye and the world goes blind. An Israeli Jew and a Palestinian Muslim Arab who’ve been working together for peace for 20 years advise those of us who want peace, to love everybody, rescue the fallen and not take sides. That’s all I’m asking.

    The earth belongs to everyone born on it, and Putin, Hamas and Israel are destroying land that belongs to all of us and turning it into graves and rubble. And what’s worse, killing their fellow men as though they have some right to.

    69 years ago a Palestinian foretold in a letter to Americans that if we didn’t eliminate our racism, a chronic enemy would foment race wars in the U.S. and that while we were at each others’ throats, that enemy would rain fire from the sky on our cities.

    Since 2021 Russia has done its first missile war games off Alaska and Hawaii in 40 years. The Speaker of the Duma has suggested on state run tv that Russia nuke 2 of our East Coast cities and 4 of our West Coast cities. During the wildfires we learned that smoke from the West Coast drifts across the entire U.S. So will radioactivity.

    The least we can do everywhere in the U.S. is make the U.S. safe for all Americans of all backgrounds by refraining from hate speech. I cherish freedom of speech and your right to disagree with me, but hate speech leads to action. Speak up to protect endangered fellow Americans. Don’t give cover to Putin and haters. I don’t want my tax dollars going for armaments to fight over manmade, imaginary, artificial country borders. Write Congress & the president. Don’t scare Muslims and Jews here with marches in support of foreign murderers.

  • Grace
    Nov 13, 2023 at 3:47 pm

    This theory you have about human compassion seems to be real personal, but let’s be honest this is not even close to being steeped in reality. To believe that we can use passivity and what you call “love” to stop violence across the world is naive and ridiculous. It’s people like you who are the problem with this country, with your complacency and unwillingness to turn your so-called “love” for all towards actual action. You are actively helping to perpetuate harm towards all the victims of this armed struggle. Step outside of your limited views and recognize that the only people who think showing solidarity with the Palestinian people is a “hostile” act, are the ones in the wrong, and are the ones that perpetuate racist false narratives of Israeli purity. Your biases very obvious in your inclusion of Israeli deaths at the hands of Hamas, and not the EXPONENTIALLY larger number of Palestinians killed by IDF. Do better.

  • Debbie
    Nov 7, 2023 at 10:10 pm

    Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but can we really love institutions into throttling their belligerent, indiscriminately violent militaries?