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“MOTH”: using the stage to process trauma

Courtesy of  Sophina Saggau.

Ksenia Gorinshteyn

February 6, 2020

On a night out to the theater in the Twin Cities, you will find yourself among Shakespeares, Arthur Millers and Tennessee Williamses. However three University of Minnesota alumni want to present Australian playwright Declan Greene’s two-person play, “MOTH.” Ben Lohrberg and Sophina Saggau, both grad...

Building a brave space

Chicago based circus

Becca Most

June 12, 2019

A group of about 100 audience members edged the corners of the square studio space, shyly looking in wonder at the sea of white fabric that took up most of the floorspace.  The cloth seemed to breathe, moving softly up and down, the red lights underneath it making glowing pink pockets below the...

Review: “Pippin” brings some serious circus vibes to West Bank

Illustrated by Morgan La Casse

Becca Most

March 5, 2019

Armed with a white baton, a manic smile and the air of an experienced ringmaster, the leading player took command of her audience Saturday at Rarig Center. Clad in sparkling pants and a small tipped-to-the-side hat, she promised, like any good host would, a night of magic, sex and intrigue. “Pippin” is the la...

Culture compass: Stop-motion, pie and lights

Becca Most

February 28, 2019

Friday: Social House with Darnell Williams and the MARAJ  Pittsburgh rap duo Social House, known for their popular song “Magic in the Hamptons ft. Lil Yachty” and their work in producing Ariana Grande’s hit “thank u, next,” is coming to the University campus Friday before heading on tour with G...

Bringing comedy theater center stage … allegedly

The cast of

Becca Most

February 25, 2019

Riddled with countless bags of Funyuns and molting feather hats, An Alleged Theatre Company brought the renowned Greek play "The Birds" into the 21st century last weekend, but with their own twist. As audience members filed into the snug Phoenix Theater, Danylo Loutchko and Jake Mierva got ready to ...

Review: ‘Potted Potter’ fails to cast a spell over Minneapolis

Becca Most

February 18, 2019

"Potted Potter" didn’t have some of the props you’d normally expect from a "Harry Potter" reenactment show. For instance, feared antagonist Lord Voldemort donned sparkly red devil horns and an attitude. The dangerous Forbidden Forest was a painted beach scene with black lettering that warned to "KEEP ...

Throw us to ‘The Wolves’

Photo by Dan Norman, courtesy of The Jungle Theater

Sophie Vilensky

February 15, 2019

A group of high-school aged girls sit on a soccer field, stretching. Three simultaneous conversations occur, and one girl throws the word “fuck” around a little more than everyone else. Surely, this is a scene taking place daily around the world. Girls giggle and gossip, seeds of jealousy are plant...

Culture compass: Moose patrols, Scrooge and photons

Samir Ferdowsi

November 15, 2018

Friday: Victor Shores w/ Pierre and Heart to Gold Nothing says "punk show" like a good ol' Minneapolis dive bar. Catch a locally-stacked lineup of basement punk bands as they perform new music specifically for the Terminal audience. From Heart to Gold’s angst to Pierre's hard-hitting anthems off t...

A&E’s guide to local Halloween-inspired theater and film screenings

Movie posters for Suspiria (1977), Hausu (1977) and The Omen (1976)

Liv Martin

October 29, 2018

Why go through the hassle of finding a costume when you can sit and enjoy an entertaining Halloween evening? The Twin Cities has vintage horror movie screenings and spooky theater events that you won’t want to miss this week. "The Omen" (1976) Damien, a five-year-old boy, begins to act strangely. His ...

Review: The Guthrie Theater’s dynamic depiction of “West Side Story”

Maddy Folstein

June 28, 2018

When it came to "West Side Story," Joseph Haj and the Guthrie Theater production team found the key to developing their retelling of the classic musical in the opening lines of the script’s stage directions. Playwright Arthur Laurents describes the typically-staged-as-white Jets' opposition to the Pu...