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Choreographer Brittany Shrimpton, center, looks on as Colleen Leeman and David Beukema rehearse a dance for upcoming show

Dating disasters on stage

Brenda Tran
January 26, 2016

A custom-made Ryan Gosling body pillow, a fake giant fish and a deer head are just a few of the props that can be found scattered around the rehearsal space at Sandbox Theatre.     A Saturday morning...

Joy Dolo Anfinson, (left), bAndy Hilbrands, Kory LaQuess Pullam, John Gebratatose, and Alsa Bruno of the BLACKOUT improv troupe rehearse in the Phoenix Theater on Sunday afternoon. The troupe performs on the third Friday of every month, and their next show is on Friday at 10:30pm.

A night of comedic activism

Brenda Tran
December 16, 2015

In light of recent events at Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th Precinct, laughter is the last response that comes to mind.    But on Friday night, Blackout Improv will present,...

Laverne Seifert(left), and Noah Sommers Haas, perform a dress rehearsal of The Holiday Pageant in the Open Eye Theatre on Wednesday night. The Holiday Pageant opens on Friday and runs until the 21st.

Satan for Christmas

Danylo Loutchko
December 10, 2015

Open Eye Figure Theatre captures Satan in an uncommon mood — he’s bored.   The theater’s upcoming revival of “The Holiday Pageant” is an all-ages comic retelling of the...

Syniva Whitney and Will Courtney embrace during rehearsal on Wednesday for their new project, which will be featured at the Pitch Dark Cabaret at Patrick's Cabaret. Their project, Gender Tender, is an interdisciplinary performance  that prioritizes the transgender and genderqueer experience in process and presentation.

Entertainment in the dark

Brenda Tran
December 10, 2015

For most people, it’s difficult to imagine enjoying a dance performance without being able to see it. But this weekend, Patrick’s Cabaret finds a way to make it happen.   On Friday and Saturday night,...

Members of the Minnesota Rollergirls participate in a league-wide scrimmage on Tuesday, Sept. 29. The Minnesota Rollergirls' season debut is Saturday at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul.

The Twin Cities’ toughest women

Isabella Romano
October 8, 2015

Meg Gronau, aka Fannie Tanner, is a mom. She drives a minivan. She’s charming and friendly. She covers her mouth when she chews. She wears Lulu Lemon and keeps her hair in cute, mini, twisty buns.   She...

Life as a ski rat

Jackie Renzetti
August 5, 2015

Donning a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume, Abe Cass zipped along the Mississippi River on water skis, completing a few back flips along the way.   The stunt was part of the Twin Cities River...

Actor Damiian Lang poses in the backyard of his house, the future venue for his one-man show

Recycling the past

Jackie Renzetti
July 29, 2015

Minnesota native Damiian Mario Lang’s childhood home in Dinkytown will serve as the backdrop of his show for this year’s Minnesota Fringe Festival.   Since first performing the show at...

A cardboard galaxy

Jackie Renzetti
April 30, 2015

Bent over a paint-splattered table, Justin Spooner and Peter Lincoln Rusk weighed whether to paint a space diamond or a DNA helix on their cardboard space computer.    The two University of Minnesota...

Sophomores on Shakespeare

Jackie Renzetti
April 2, 2015

From scansion to songwriting, sophomores from the University of Minnesota and Guthrie Theater BFA program will show off their Shakespeare studies this weekend. The students present two Shakespeare productions...

Anarchy abounds in ‘EF! The Musical’

Jared Hemming
March 3, 2015

The cast of “EF! The Musical” read the show’s script for the first time last Tuesday. And one week later, the experimental musical about the anarchic environmental group, Earth First!,...