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It’s Mime Time

Nathan Hall

September 26, 2002

It is impossible to determine the funniest part of 1991's highly underrated Shakes the Clown. I would point to a scene where Bobcat Goldwaith, in the title role, must begrudgingly hide out in mime school after being set up on a bogus murder rap. Shakes views mimes as second-class citizens in his clown...

Of Demons and Strange Encounters

Amy Danielson

September 26, 2002

Of Hope and Courage, the new play by Theatre Mu, is only vaguely about hope and courage. More precisely, I would say it is about terror and soul-searching. Two unique folk tales compose this two-act show: "Distant Song" and "Demons of Noto Hanto." The cast of "Distant Song" consists of some talented ...

An early winter in Minneapolis

Amy Danielson

September 19, 2002

When I try to imagine the severe climate in Antarctica, I think back to one of the coldest winters I can remember in Minnesota, during 1996: After an ice storm, temperatures suddenly plummeted below zero. My Nissan was covered by a thick layer of impenetrable ice. Lock de-icer, a bucket of hot water, an...

Shadows and Angels

Max Sparber

September 19, 2002

For those of you who don't know it, The Children's Theatre Company's artistic director, Peter C. Brosius, is behind the most interesting productions in the Twin Cities. He has a taste for offbeat, ingenious talent and isn't afraid of risks, leading to productions rich with content and magnificent in...

Smiles, but no laughs

Amy Danielson

September 12, 2002

Until this past season's production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the Outward Spiral Theater Company seemed to be in decline. This 6-year-old company had a string of non-hits, including David's Redhaired Death and Dog Opera, both plays with poorly structured, underwritten scripts. But then came Hedwig, Jo...

Two Characters in Search of an Answer

Amy Danielson

September 5, 2002

Are parents fully responsible for their child's actions? Or, more specifically, is a father guilty when he fails to prevent his son from shooting his classmates? These are the knotty questions raised in Jane Martin's new play, Good Boys, now playing at the Guthrie Lab. But an even broader question frames th...

About the Daily

September 4, 2002

The Minnesota Daily is an independent, student-produced newspaper on the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota. The paper is published Monday thru Friday during the fall and spring, and on Mondays during the summer. A non-profit corporation with tax-exempt status, The Daily operates as a ...