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Vatican team sees a creator in the creation

Geoffrey Ziezulewicz
April 22, 2004

SAFFORD, Ariz. - Though the Vatican has operated a telescope on Mount Graham since 1993, the Rev. Christopher Corbally said the church is not focused on astronomy in the name of finding a higher power...

Telescope sits high as cultural divide runs deep

Kari Petrie
April 21, 2004

SAN CARLOS, Ariz. - From the Apache reservation, the Mount Graham telescope looks like a small, white box positioned on top of the green mountain jutting out of the sand. But tribe member Sandra Rambler...

A mirror with a view

Geoffrey Ziezulewicz
April 21, 2004

TUSCON, Ariz. - Rarely do the subjects of French cuisine and astrophysical optics overlap. But for Peter Wehinger, telescope mirrors and egg dishes are not mutually exclusive. "Constructing a mirror is...

Telescope is an opportunity and a controversy

April 21, 2004

SAFFORD, Ariz. - Climbing the final feet of Emerald Peak on Mount Graham in Arizona, the Large Binocular Telescope's building rises out of a blend of rocky terrain and spruce fir trees. The 16-story rotating...

Lawmakers back stronger same-sex marriage ban

November 21, 2003

Two Minnesota legislators proposed an amendment to the state constitution Wednesday that would ban gay marriage. Although Republican leaders are confident the measure will pass, gay rights groups question...

Coleman and the BWCA

August 26, 2002

David Anderson ("Coleman correction," Aug. 12) is misinformed about Norm Coleman's position on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Coleman wants to open the Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness for commercial...

A secret history: The fiction of Bruno Schulz

August 26, 2002

runo Schulz was a contemporary of Franz Kafka (he authored a translation of The Trial) and was likewise from Poland, and his slight literary output - confined to two collections of short stories and a...

Insta-tainment: the decline of modern cinema

August 26, 2002

By Roxanne Sadovsky The other day, some friends and I rented the 1973 classic "American Graffiti." As I recall, this film was a favorite among youth who pondered various existential crises upon crossing...

Depth chart concerns push U linebackers

August 26, 2002

A funny thing happened to Minnesota football's linebacker coach Greg Hudson during the Gophers' spring camp. Rather than being dazzled by the three returning starters, it was three different faces on the...

Environmentalists need to be wary of Coleman

August 26, 2002

By Michael A. Casper If we have learned anything from the multitude of investigations, revelations, and pontifications following the collapse on Enron, it is this: The interests of the energy industry...