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Wellstone recalled as passionate liberal maverick

Published October 25, 2002

W By Helen Dewar The Washington Post ASHINGTON - Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., who died Friday in an airplane crash in the midst of a tough re-election campaign, was a leading champion of liberal causes...

Statement from Colin McGinnis, Wellstone’s chief of staff

Published October 25, 2002

This morning Senator Paul Wellstone, Sheila Wellstone, and Marcia Wellstone, along with Will McLaughlin, Tom Lapic, and Mary McEvoy of our campaign staff were traveling on a plane in northern Minnesota....

A Spamtastic time awaits museum visitors

Published October 24, 2002

A By Tim Jones Chicago Tribune USTIN, Minn. (KRT) - Interstate Highway 90 across most of southern Minnesota is one of those antiseptic roads interrupting cornfield monotony. No doubt this desolate strip...

Street sweeping signs to go up today

Published October 23, 2002

The Minneapolis Public Works Department will begin posting "no parking" signs today throughout the southeast metro area for biannual street sweeping. Beginning Thursday, crews will be sweeping away debris,...

U-Pass receives Governor’s Award

by Monica LaBelle
Published October 22, 2002

If Valerie Reichel didn't have a U-Pass, she would have to live on campus or find a ride with friends to get to school. The U-Pass, a discount metro bus pass for University students, received the Governor's...

‘Poetry god’ pontificates at Minnesota Poetry Festival

by Kari Petrie
Published October 21, 2002

Nothing but lyric poetry tonight," promised legendary Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti to a crowd of 500 Saturday night at Ted Mann Concert Hall during the first Minnesota Poetry Festival. Not one to disappoint,...

U.N. officials visit Twin Cities to promote Somali-run agencies

Published October 18, 2002

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - United Nations officials are visiting the Twin Cities this week to promote better understanding of the importance of Somali-run money-transfer agencies, which have been casualties in...

They Flex Their Mussels as Most Unwelcome Guests

Published October 17, 2002

S By Jean Marbella The Baltimore Sun TILLWATER, Minn. - In the growing annals of invasive species, the fingernail-size zebra mussel hardly seems as fearsome as others that have recently made headlines...

Unlikely coalition advocates reducing Twin Cities’ ozone

by Seth Woerhle
Published October 16, 2002

An unlikely pairing of environmental groups, businesses and government has formed an alliance to reduce ozone in the Twin Cities and avoid spending hundreds of millions of dollars each year. With a unanimous...

Anoka hospital officials ignored security warnings

Published October 15, 2002

ANOKA, Minn. (AP) - Top officials at the state psychiatric hospital in Anoka ignored repeated warnings about illegal drugs and other safety concerns long before a patient died from a heroin overdose, state...

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