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Study finds city men’s sperm outperforms semi-rural men’s

by Dylan Thomas
Published November 13, 2002

A new study has found the sperm of men in three urban areas, including Minneapolis, outperforms that of men living in a semi-rural area, raising questions about the environmental factors that affect reproductive...

Jenkins’ family announces $50,000 reward for information

by Monica LaBelle
Published November 12, 2002

The family of missing Carlson School of Management student Chris Jenkins announced a reward of up to $50,000 on Monday for information leading to Jenkins' return. The reward is funded by the Jenkins family...

Nun speaks out against torture, sanctioned abuse

Published November 11, 2002

Sister Dianna Ortiz stood silently before a crowd of approximately 70 people gathered in the University's Law School and lit a candle to commemorate torture survivors from around the world. Ortiz, co-founder...

Ramadan begins; Muslims unite with prayer, fasting

Published November 8, 2002

F By Lee Billings or many University students, November's shortened days and bare trees are reminders of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. For Muslims, however, November's hallmarks are the prelude to...

Religion prohibits Muslim students from paying interest

by Nathan Halverson
Published November 7, 2002

For some financially strapped students, finding money for school isn't as easy as signing up for student loans. Because Islam prohibits Muslims from paying interest, they have to find other ways to pay. This...

FBI joins search for Chris Jenkins; kidnapping possible

by Monica LaBelle
Published November 6, 2002

The FBI opened a preliminary inquiry Tuesday into the possible kidnapping of University senior Chris Jenkins, who has been missing since Thursday. Coleen Rowley, special agent in the FBI's Minneapolis...

Minneapolis police begin search for Jenkins

by Monica LaBelle
Published November 5, 2002

The Minneapolis Police Department began an investigation into the disappearance of University senior Chris Jenkins on Monday. An official missing person's report was filed with the Minneapolis police....

New governor could determine changes in family planning legislation

Published November 5, 2002

W By Kelly Custer hen Gov. Jesse Ventura leaves his office in January, a new governor could have the power to change the family planning system in Minnesota. Not only could the state's choice for governor...

Tumultuous Senate race nears vote

by Libby George
Published November 4, 2002

The Minnesota Senate race will end much the way it began - with national attention and close Democratic and Republican competition. However, former Vice President Walter Mondale became the DFL Party candidate...

Governor candidates approach Election Day in a dead heat

by Andrew Pritchard
Published November 4, 2002

After months of presidential visits, threats of legal action and volley after volley of ads, an intense and raucous gubernatorial race featuring four major-party candidates is almost over. Few will venture...

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