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Minnesota has yet to create a tuition discount plan for South Dakota students.

South Dakota ends 40-year tuition agreement with Minnesota

by Grace Aigner
Published March 26, 2024
Students enrolled for the upcoming academic year will receive tuition rates less than or equal to the original reciprocity rate.
By encouraging political discussions between parties, Braver Angels hopes people will listen to and be heard by the other side.

Campaign to ease political tensions kicks off

by Katrina Bailey
Published March 25, 2024
Braver Angels’ “Reduce the Rancor, Minnesota” campaign aims to reduce political polarization by providing ways to help people have hard conversations.
Sen. Sandy Pappas (DFL-St. Paul) visited the Universitys Crookston campus last summer for bonding tours. Last summer, Pappas visited the University’s Twin Cities campus for bonding tours.

University requests funding to repair Washington Ave. Bridge, Eddy Hall

by Alexandra DeYoe
Published March 22, 2024
The University’s HEAPR bill requests $500 million from the legislature to repair and improve campus buildings.
Other efforts at the capitol include increasing accessibility to voting on campus and making the college transition easier for students with disabilities.

USG highlights University issues to Minnesota Legislature

by Natasha Delion
Published March 22, 2024
This session’s legislative priorities may impact funding requests, student worker unionization and renters statewide.
Organizations such as the Minnesota chapter of Moms Demand Action are pushing for the legislature to pass better gun violence prevention laws.

Gun safety activists strive for safer Minnesota

by Alexandra DeYoe
Published March 20, 2024
Local gun safety advocate groups dissect Minnesota gun laws and the long road to safety.
People voting at Machine Shop on St. Anthony Main on Nov. 7, 2023. With the presidential election happening in November and the movement to vote uncommitted gaining popularity, some students voting on the Democratic ballot find themselves voting in different ways.

Students voice their thoughts on voting for Biden or ‘uncommitted’

by Amirah Razman
Published March 18, 2024
Following Super Tuesday, some students are not committing to a Democratic candidate while others continue to show support for Joe Biden.
Sen. Kari Dziedzic (left) and Sen. Erin Murphy (right). Murphy served on the Minnesota Senate for four years before majority leadership.

Erin Murphy takes over as Senate majority leader

by Alexandra DeYoe
Published March 13, 2024
Murphy took over for Sen. Kari Dziedzic, who is moving away from party leadership as she recovers from cancer.
Ana Negrete (left) and Teddi Wind (right) at the Feb. 14 march.

Minnesota’s Native community raises awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous people

by Maya Bell and Alexandra DeYoe
Published February 28, 2024
Minnesota’s MMIR Office, activists and students discuss ways to raise awareness and recent events about the Native community.
The Minnesota State Capitol on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023. The University cited necessary building repairs and lower tuition costs as justification for $45 million at their presentation to the House Higher Education Finance and Policy Committee on Thursday and the Senate Higher Education Committee on Tuesday.

UMN’s budget request focuses on restoring campus buildings

by Natasha Delion
Published February 23, 2024
UMN requests a $500 million budget to restore buildings on campus and $45 million to minimize tuition increases.
People voting at Machine Shop on St. Anthony Main on Nov. 7, 2023.

Activists, local and state officials discuss duality of early voting

by Grace Aigner
Published February 6, 2024
A month from Super Tuesday, early voting in Minnesota is in full swing, offering a convenient voting method for constituents.

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