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Letters to the Editor

Letter: ‘Stop vandalizing the Washington Avenue Bridge’ editorial grossly misleading

by Kayla Pederson and Luke Goossens
Published October 16, 2017

We’re writing in response to this editorial board's Oct. 9 editorial, “Stop vandalizing the Washington Avenue Bridge.” This piece was grossly misleading and a deliberate obfuscation of the real issues...

Letter to the editor

Spread ranked-choice voting

Comments regarding Christian Bjornson’s Sept. 6 letter to the editor, “A conservative argument for marriage equality”

Published September 11, 2012

Ricky R Cavazos — in response to user mominvermont This issue is not about eliminating gender integration in marriage. The term “marriage”” seems to be so important to defenders...

Reader comments on Rolf Westgard’s Sept. 4 Letter to the Editor

by Multiple authors
Published September 10, 2012

Mike Barnard: I might agree if the following two conditions were met: 1. No other form of generation received any market-distorting aid. 2. Negative externalities related to health, pollution, environmental...

Letters to then editor

Published June 29, 2005

MHasty generalizations I must commend Marty Andrade's recent column, "Attack faults of argument, not me." I agree that the ad hominem attacks are ridiculous. But I wish Andrade would have admitted that...

Letters to the EditorMonday October 4

Published October 4, 2004

TOnline music deal a worthless subsidy The University is a remarkably Mac-friendly campus, with Macintoshes representing a significant portion of lab and student computers. Given that fact, how can the...

Letters to the editor

Published February 20, 2003

YBusse should be applauded My daughter is a sophomore at the University and she shared Nick Busse's Tuesday opinion piece, "Antiwar movement lacks unity, coherence" with me. I applaud Busse for his comments...

Letters to the Editor

Published April 26, 2002

Hunting breeds respect If there is moral equivalency between man and animal over predacious behavior ("Society exploits animals to feed trivial lusts," April 25), then lions and tigers and bears are just...

Letter from the Editor –Series to cover wide range of interests surrounding U students’ dollars

by Mike Wereschagin
Published July 18, 2001

This series is not about a tuition hike. It is not about bookstore price gouging. It's not about credit card or student loan companies. Instead, this series is about students who charge all their books...

Letters to the Editors

Published July 16, 2001

Standards for office When will the electorate get a clue and stop electing irresponsible people to governmental office? Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich and now Rep. Gary Condit (D-Calif.) have all admitted...

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