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Letter to the Editor – Boynton Health

Boynton Health Service
September 27, 2018

To the Editor: We very much appreciate Monday’s editorial, Students should utilize University-sponsored mental health services (9/24/18). We believe student advocacy is reducing the stigma...

Letter to the Editor: Kavanaugh nomination deserves a fully deliberative and robust examination

Letter to the Editor
September 24, 2018

As a survivor of workplace harassment and sexual violence, I know what it is like when your abuser is rewarded by society, free from the weight of their actions. That weight is transferred to the survivor...

Letter to the Editor: UMN provides two-factor authentication for campus community

Letter to the Editor
September 24, 2018

In the “Hide your kids, hide your Wi-Fi” opinion piece published on September 13, Uma Venkata raised concerns about how few people on campus take advantage of two-factor authentication, a technology...

Letter to the Editor: UMN honors legal and moral obligations for student privacy

Matt Kramer
September 13, 2018

Ellen Schneider badly missed the mark with her opinion piece on recent allegations against a Carlson School of Management Doctor of Business Administration student. In fact, the piece shows a lack of understanding...

Letter to the Editor: In Honor of Mac Miller

Emily Ness
September 10, 2018

May peace fall upon the city of Pittsburgh today as Mac Miller, a Pennsylvania native and performer, has died at 26 years old following a suspected drug overdose. The rapper, who is best known for his...

Letter: ‘Stop vandalizing the Washington Avenue Bridge’ editorial grossly misleading

Kayla Pederson and Luke Goossens
October 16, 2017

We’re writing in response to this editorial board's Oct. 9 editorial, “Stop vandalizing the Washington Avenue Bridge.” This piece was grossly misleading and a deliberate obfuscation of the real issues...

Letter to the editor

In November 2013, Minneapolis residents had their second opportunity to use ranked-choice voting in a mayoral election. RCV is a modest but powerful election reform that allows voters to rank their favorite...

Comments regarding Christian Bjornson’s Sept. 6 letter to the editor, “A conservative argument for marriage equality”

September 11, 2012

Ricky R Cavazos — in response to user mominvermont This issue is not about eliminating gender integration in marriage. The term “marriage”” seems to be so important to defenders...

Reader comments on Rolf Westgard’s Sept. 4 Letter to the Editor

Multiple authors
September 10, 2012

Mike Barnard: I might agree if the following two conditions were met: 1. No other form of generation received any market-distorting aid. 2. Negative externalities related to health, pollution, environmental...

Letters to then editor

June 29, 2005

MHasty generalizations I must commend Marty Andrade's recent column, "Attack faults of argument, not me." I agree that the ad hominem attacks are ridiculous. But I wish Andrade would have admitted that...