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Professors exchange insights on presidential election

Published November 21, 2000

Rhetoric department assistant professor John Logie, along with many University students, anxiously watched the outcome of last week's presidential election recount deadline. During an informal discussion...

More international students study in U.S., report says

Published November 17, 2000

According to an annual report by the Institute of International Education, there has been a steep increase in the number of students participating in international studies at universities across the nation. The...

Presidential close call leaves U students confused, no closure

Published November 9, 2000

Shannon Morrissey, a senior English major, stayed up until 1 a.m. Tuesday night anticipating that a president would be elected. She was wrong -- as were other Americans who stayed up glued to their television...

Democratic Party activists rally support at Cowles Auditorium

Published November 1, 2000

Democratic Party activists rallied Tuesday night on campus in an attempt to persuade voters to stand behind Al Gore instead of opting for Green Party candidate Ralph Nader. The "Remember the Supreme Court"...

Farm agencies drop popular software; farmers protest

Published October 27, 2000

Last winter the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Farm Service Agency announced that the Minnesota FSA offices would no longer use the popular computer program FinPack. The government's announcement...

Decline in male students redefines gender gap

Published October 19, 2000

The number of women in higher education has been rising over the past 20 years and has been looked upon as a positive trend. But the trend of decreasing men's college enrollment during the same time period...

Conference honors 100 years of Freudian dream theories

Published October 9, 2000

It has been 100 years since Sigmund Freud published his renowned book, "The Interpretation of Dreams." The University celebrated the anniversary this past weekend by hosting the "Interpretation of Dreams/Dreams...

Lieberman, Cheney differ on oil, military

Published October 6, 2000

The vice presidential candidates squared off Thursday night in a debate over issues ranging from tax cuts to foreign policy. Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman and Republican Dick Cheney held a discussion...

U appoints first-ever director of new Design Institute

Published September 28, 2000

Janet Abrams has been appointed the first director of the new Design Institute, an organization within the University that emphasizes the study and research of design. She will begin at her post Nov. 1. Abrams,...

High schoolers in search of a challenge can attend the U

Published September 21, 2000

Juli Romm was bored with her high school classes. She wasn't being challenged; the work was too easy. She was so frustrated, she considered dropping out of high school altogether. But after looking into...

U’s sesquicentennial exhibit to open

Published August 21, 2000

Did you ever see a hairball the size of a grapefruit, a manually peddled old-fashioned dentist chair or the world's first pacemaker? If not, you might want to checkout the University's Sesquicentennial...

U library to be renovated for new technology

Published August 21, 2000

With five main facilities and 11 branch sites, the University research library system is the 17th largest in North America. The demands to keep the libraries up-to-date are ever growing. Media is becoming...

Cedar-Riverside offers a sense of community

Published July 17, 2000

Every year, freshmen cram into University residence halls. Inevitably, there is not enough room for all students seeking University housing. However, the population is not just dense at the University;...