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Center at U turns research into patents

Published May 6, 2010

As Arthur Erdman observed high-class research in the medical device field being done at the University of Minnesota, he noticed nothing usable in the field was being produced. âÄúMany of the ideas...

U professor researches to protect global food supply

Published May 5, 2010

A new threat to our global food supply is spreading out of Africa, and a professor at the University of Minnesota is working to halt the menace by working with a weed no larger than what you may find in...

Journalism professor asks students to unplug

Published May 2, 2010

A professor at the University of Minnesota asked her students to turn off their iPods, cell phones and laptops and turn on the 8-track players, landlines and typewriters. Last month, Heather LaMarre, assistant...

Bio Medical PHD student Chris Rolfes works on an experiment Tuesday in the Visible Heart Laboratory in the Mayo Building.

U researchers get inside look at heart

Published April 29, 2010

In a lab in the basement of a University of Minnesota building, researchers have performed heart transplants with humans, swine, canines and guinea pigs acting as donors. But the recipient of the different...

Mathematics senior Melissa Checky chalks announcements about IT Week on Sunday in the Northrop Mall area.

Plumb Bob ensures IT Week goes out with bang

Published April 26, 2010

When Betsy Cossette was a first-year student at the University of Minnesota, she felt that her excitement about Institute of Technology Week was not shared by her peers. Cossette would ask her classmates...

Grad student uses physics to analyze basketball

Grad student uses physics to analyze basketball

Published April 26, 2010

A graduate student in physics at the University of Minnesota recently had a research paper recognized at a Massachusetts Institute of Technology conference, and it had nothing to do with matter, forces...

University center maps Antarctica for scientists

Published April 22, 2010

About 4,000 scientists travel around the vast, ice-covered continent of Antarctica each year to look at topics ranging from climate change to the search for dark matter, and prior to 2007, they were doing...

U receives $16M for fluid power research

Published April 19, 2010

A University of Minnesota research facility looking to transform the fluid power industry received a $16 million grant renewal Monday from the National Science Foundation. The four-year grant will be given...

U study links chronic illness, self-harm

Published April 18, 2010

A study at the University of Minnesota revealed a considerable increase of self-harm in youth going through a chronic illness. Adolescents ranging in ages from 10 to 19 showed a considerable increase in...

Matt Havekost of Stratasys explains how a 3D printer makes intricate prototypes to a conference attendee at the 2010 Design and Medical Devices Conference on Wednesday.

Int’l medical conference comes to University

Published April 14, 2010

Minnesota has the greatest density of medical device companies in the world, and once a year all the different sectors of this highly competitive industry come together in a unique way on the University...

U prof to study honey bee crisis

Published April 8, 2010

University of Minnesota researchers are looking to solve the mysterious and rapid decline of the U.S. honey bee population in a study announced Wednesday. Honey bee colonies decreased by about 29 percent...

University to sell ICON Solar House

University to sell ICON Solar House

Published April 6, 2010

A one-bedroom, 550 square-foot house with a retail price of more than $500,000 is hard to comprehend. But this house runs completely on solar-powered energy, and the University of Minnesota is looking...

Restaurant emissions contribute to pollution

Published April 5, 2010

Researchers from the University of Minnesota found pollution from commercial cooking in restaurants is prominent, and current methods to reduce it are less than effective. Dr. Thomas Kuehn, professor in...

Physics Ph.D. student Nian Ji holds an iron and nitrogen compound that is 18 percent more magnetic than iron cobalt, the substance previously believed to be the most magnetic material on Earth.

Prof may disprove accepted theory

Published April 1, 2010

Iron cobalt is known as the most magnetic material on Earth today, but a professor at the University of Minnesota was able to show that this may no longer be true. Dr. Jianping Wang, a graduate faculty...

Sophomore David Cook, Mechanical Engineering major, left, Freshman Beth Burton, Astrophysics, middle, and Fresham Renee Becker, Scientific and Technical Communications major, right, discuss the FIRST robot competition that will take place this weekend.

Go FIRST to aid in robotics competition held at U

Published March 31, 2010

The annual FIRST Robotics Competition will be held on the University of Minnesota campus this weekend, but this year the competition is receiving help from a University student group. Go FIRST is an Institute...

Innovative wind turbine

Innovative Engineers power Third World

Published March 24, 2010

Almost a quarter of the worldâÄôs population, or 1.5 billion people, are without electricity, according to a 2009 United Nations report, but a University of Minnesota student group is working to...

Campaign to combat binge drinking

Published March 23, 2010

The University of Minnesota is one of four universities nationwide that won a grant to take part in a unique campaign combating the prevalence of binge drinking on college campuses. The University will...


MAST lab aids in earthquake research

Published March 21, 2010

Earthquakes take place along plate edges and along faults all over the world, but in April, one will take place on the University of Minnesota campus. A laboratory at the University will test the effect...

U study reveals evolutionary traits

Published March 9, 2010

A University of Minnesota study that took place in Papua New Guinea identified important evolutionary information using a process that revealed diversity within a species. Widely known for its ability...


U software to play role in spacecraft development

Published March 8, 2010

The University of Minnesota is participating in a program based in Australia that could revolutionize space travel by making it safer, more economical and environmentally responsible. A unique software...

2005 Chemistry Nobel Prize winner Robert Grubbs lectures on commercial applications of polymers as part of Honeywell-Nobel Initiative Public Lecture on Tuesday at Smith Hall.

Nobel Prize winner visits University

Published March 3, 2010

A Nobel Prize-winning scientist spoke Tuesday at the University of Minnesota about his path to winning the prize and the current applications of his work. Dr. Robert Grubbs, who won the 2005 Nobel Prize...

MnTAP helps businesses save

Published February 24, 2010

The recommendations of students in a University of Minnesota internship program could save businesses more than $600,000, the program estimates. The Minnesota Technical Assistance Program, a summer internship...

Researchers in northern Minn. seek to identify dark matter

Published February 22, 2010

Data released in December from the Soudan Underground Mine in northern Minnesota have brought scientists one step closer to identifying dark matter, which makes up 25 percent of the universeâÄôs...

U receives $8.6 million for cell research

Published February 21, 2010

The University of Minnesota was awarded the renewal of a contract to speed the development of cell-based therapies from the laboratory to clinical trials Thursday. The University received a five-year contract...

Taylor’s research at the University made headlines two years ago when she was able to create a beating rat heart through a process that has not yet been seen.

U licenses heart growth technique

Published February 17, 2010

After a licensing agreement announced Tuesday, a University of Minnesota professorâÄôs breakthrough discovery in heart research is about to take the next step: commercialization. The University...

Institute of Technology to host its first student organization fair Wednesday

Published February 15, 2010

In his project management class last semester, undergraduate teaching assistant James Rodriguez handed in an assignment that proposed a student organization fair specifically for students of the University...

The popularity of e-readers is on the rise

Published February 11, 2010

Last December Amazon.comâÄôs Kindle became the most-gifted item in the companyâÄôs 15-year existence. Christmas Day of the same month brought another first for Amazon when books for the...

Carbon reduction method ineffective

Published February 7, 2010

A study by researchers at the University of Minnesota shows that a method to decrease carbon concentrations by converting farmland to woodlands would be ineffective. In late 2007, the University began...

WebVista to be discontinued in 2013

Published February 4, 2010

The vender of the University of MinnesotaâÄôs most commonly used course management system, WebVista, will drop support after January 2013, forcing users to find a new option for their course Web...

University professors go mobile with iTunes U

University professors go mobile with iTunes U

Published February 1, 2010

A survey David Arendale gave his students on the first day of his introductory world history course told him podcasting was basically unknown. By the end of the semester, more than half of his students...

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