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Survey denotes divided campus

Published May 2, 2007

Two years after the Board of Regents unanimously approved a revamp of the University, students and faculty say they are skeptical of the progress made. The University administration's goal to be one of...


Published April 19, 2007

The Board of Regents tends to vote "yes" - overwhelmingly. In recent history, they've approved everything the administration has put before them. Tuition hikes, a new stadium bearing a corporate name,...

Bruininks purchases million-dollar condo

Published March 19, 2007

University President Bob Bruininks purchased a condominium in downtown Minneapolis worth more than $1 million last week, but said he doesn't plan to retire anytime soon. According to his contract with...

Learning Abroad Center denies accusation

Published March 5, 2007

University Learning Abroad Center officials said they followed their sexual harassment policy when a student studying in Tanzania complained about sexual assaults earlier this semester. University student...

Classes snowed out

Published March 2, 2007

The University closed at 2:30 p.m. Thursday due to near-whiteout conditions. As of press time, the University hadn't announced Friday class cancellations. Minneapolis and St. Paul also declared snow emergencies...

Harassment abroad

Published February 27, 2007

When Rachel Jamison received a full scholarship to study in Tanzania for a year, she said University officials told her to expect intense sexual harassment. An experienced world traveler, Jamison said...

U theater alumnus killed in accident

Published February 14, 2007

Chase Korte, a University theater alumnus, died Saturday night in a car accident on his way to his Los Angeles home after a film shoot in Sedona, Ariz. He was 24. Korte graduated from the University in...

Turks investigate U prof

Published January 31, 2007

More than 90 years after the Armenian genocide, University professor Taner Akçam is in the middle of a controversial debate that recently turned deadly. The murder of Hrant Dink, a prominent Armenian...

Students disregard office hours

Published January 18, 2007

Libby Smith has long attended her professors' and teaching assistants' office hours. "I feel like office hours are a much better way to get to know them," she said. Smith, an English and political science...

Web identity unsafe

Published December 12, 2006

Mark Aronson didn't buy Internet porn or withdraw hundreds of dollars from his Wells Fargo account, but his bank statements said otherwise. Aronson, like many students, was a victim of identity theft,...

Web privacy: oxymoron?

Published December 7, 2006

As Anne Simon left work one Wednesday in September, her manager handed her a note. "I thought I had done something right, a little thank you note or something," Simon said. But when she got to her car...

Lecture series explains Baghdadi Jews’ ties to Shanghai

Published November 29, 2006

Much of the news coming out of Baghdad is focused on current events, but little is widely known about the history of its people. Maisie J. Meyer, a professor at the University of London, is attempting...

Bird flu test better, faster and stronger

Published November 21, 2006

Identifying flu viruses is now quick and inexpensive, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which announced the development of a new test Nov. 14. The test, called the MChip, provides...

University professor talks about his book on Armenian Genocide

Published November 14, 2006

More than one million Armenians died from 1915 to 1923 during a devastating genocide. Today, the demise of a people is debated throughout Turkey, the epicenter of the once-powerful Ottoman Empire. University...

Avian Flu risk remains high throughout areas of the world

Published November 3, 2006

The risk of an influenza pandemic is not likely to decrease in the future, according to a report released Thursday by the World Health Organization. Currently, the greatest threat for a possible pandemic...

The world waits

Published November 2, 2006

A virus is creeping across the world, infecting millions from Seattle to Johannesburg, from Tokyo to Mexico City. Store shelves are barren, the University is closed, 30 percent of the Minnesota workforce...

Diet pill use by teen girls nearly doubles

Published November 1, 2006

The use of diet pills by teenage girls has almost doubled in five years, according to University researchers. The study, released Monday by the University's Project EAT (Eating Among Teens), said the use...

Anonymous donor gives $10M to University IT

Published September 27, 2006

Thanks to an anonymous donor, the University's Institute of Technology is $10 million richer. The bequest - the college's second-largest gift ever - will fund an estimated 15 to 25 graduate fellowships...

Presidential power focus of debates

Published September 12, 2006

Five years after the largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil, Congress granted President George W. Bush more power than ever before. The new role of the executive branch has arguably shifted the balance...

Woman falls from bridge

Published September 6, 2006

A woman in her 20s suffered "grave injuries" after jumping off the driving level of the Washington Avenue Bridge into the Mississippi River on Tuesday, said University Police Chief Greg Hestness. About...

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