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An idiosyncratic farewell

Published March 23, 2006

I hate writing farewell remarks. They always seem so conclusive, as if one is climbing into one's own coffin. Shedding knowledge and imparting wisdom, ending in an anti-climatic cliché like "carpe...

Spirited away

Published February 23, 2006

.A naked hum, stretches her limbs into the void until its palms press against stained-glass windows. She crescendos to the sculpted ceiling until cadences burst forth from her chest beckoning freedom to...

I don’t believe Charlotte

Published January 26, 2006

I read my first Tom Wolfe book this winter break. Wolfe, the famed academic-turned-novelist, is much quoted for his self-proclaimed ability to capture the "irresistibly lurid carnival of American life." I...

Writers hiding behind personalities

Published December 5, 2005

For the first time in three years, I am stumped as to what to write. I always have an opinion about something, but what happens when opinion columnists fail to have an opinion for a week? As I look out...

Questioning beliefs and intellectualism

Published November 14, 2005

I grew up atheist. No higher spirit, no animism, no wind or fire. Nothing. I believed in nothingness. All I was sure of was the earth beneath my feet, the sky above and my own two hands. The only thing...

Looking at diversity and the Daily

Published October 26, 2005

Sit down, shut up and stop complaining. You should be grateful you're here. This is your subconscious talking, but you're too afraid to say it out loud because, god forbid, you might be labeled a racist....

Kudos to a savvy politician

Published May 2, 2005

Last week, Taiwan's Nationalist Party Chairman Lien Chan shook hands with Chinese President Hu Jintao. It was a historic handshake captured by a series of shoots by various Chinese news agencies. Lien's...

Effective activism is crucial in opposing Japanese textbooks

Published April 25, 2005

This last month, massive anti-Japan demonstrations scaled to a climax across China and South Korea. Media reports leave much to be desired. Amid the passion and fury, all sides must reflect deeply, meticulously...

Experiencing environmental art

Published April 7, 2005

In the midst of seas of concrete, Beijing holds pockets of treasures. This last week, I stumbled upon one hidden between the ancient walls of the city's watchtower: an avant-garde art gallery. Here, I...

Time should not be possessed

Published February 15, 2005

Can I have the time?" Wait. Before you scrunch up your sleeves to look at the hands of your watch, think for a minute about the word "have." To "have time," in a sense, means to possess it. In the United...

A visit to a Chinese court

Published January 18, 2005

Recently, I got a rare glimpse into a Chinese court. Holding a foreign passport meant that I had to jump through a series of administrative hoops to witness a court proceeding. It was worth it. To the...

Chinese elderly are living it up

Published November 9, 2004

Let's put away the depressing election results for a moment. Imagine yourself a few decades older, with lines on your face and a bladder problem. Your partner is carting himself or herself around in an...

China: waiting for God

Published September 14, 2004

Treading through a crooked stone-paved Qing Dynasty street in a Chinese town, I stumble upon a small hut. Inside, tiny wooden benches lie in rows, awaiting ghosts. In the dim light, I barely make out a...

Being productive is not the only ‘time’

Published April 7, 2004

Earlier this week, I discovered something odd in The New York Times: the merging of two concepts of time in one article. "Seminyak Journal; Bali's Richness Offered to the World, by Onetime Hippies," the...

Does female equal ‘vice’ in college?

Published March 24, 2004

Another season of campus-wide elections looms ahead. A familiar pattern feeds my tired eyes: pairs of male presidential candidates with female running mates for vice president. We can gape at statistics...

University should fund Marxism class

Published March 3, 2004

It is fascinating how lingering Cold War rhetoric pervades our colloquial speech today. Increasingly, the post-Cold War generation has developed new meaning for terms such as Marxism and socialism. Much...

Is it free press or filtered press?

Published February 19, 2004

Earlier this week, I sunk into an unsteady butterfly chair, took a swig of cheap Lipton tea, and felt like Charon was paddling across the river for me while reading New York Times headlines: "New York...

Student sex case makes racial history

Published February 4, 2004

He was 18; she was three months shy of 16. He is sentenced to 10 years in prison without parole; she is the supposed victim of child molestation. He is black; she is white. Georgia's recent sex case involving...

Introverts’ plight

Published January 23, 2004

His mouth foams and his eyes squint together into a fine line of concentration. What to say? What to say to her - the woman with a mouth as curvaceous as her hips, who puts her cigarettes out like she's...

Turn to world media for coverage of conflict in Iraq

Published November 25, 2003

Last Thursday's bombings of the British consulate in Turkey elicited the usual slew of media commentary - the chain of terror is continuing against all U.S. allies and al-Qaida is as active and malicious...