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Don’t devalue, defund or deprioritize diversity

Published May 2, 2011

As a freshman at the University of Minnesota four years ago, I remember my eagerness for the opportunities offered to me as an underprivileged student. Between the services at the Multicultural Center...

Veiling doesn’t mean oppression

Published April 18, 2011

Although the face veil is a simple piece of cloth worn by a minority of Muslim women, it has become a political symbol synonymous with oppression, patriarchy and servitude. At least, thatâÄôs the...

Narcissism: a cautionary tale

Published April 4, 2011

Have your parents ever nagged you about being a social media addict who wastes hours of time on websites like Facebook and Twitter? I hear it all the time: They say that maintaining online social "friendships"...

Leave the net alone — and neutral

Published March 21, 2011

As part of a generation that grew up with modern technology at our fingertips, itâÄôs easy for college students to take their Internet access for granted. We assume we can access anything online,...

Don’t get hooked on hookah

Published March 7, 2011

That smelled like a concoction of incense, fruits and cigars wafted to my nose Saturday morning as I entered Hideaway Head Shop, a Dinkytown hookah store. About a dozen eager college-aged customers hungrily...

Ending the ‘clash of civilizations’

Published February 28, 2011

As a child, Nurah Gentry said she had always been taught that Copernicus was the first astronomer to hypothesize that the sun was at the center of the solar system. It wasnâÄôt until after she...

Racial lines no longer just black and white

Published February 21, 2011

Based on her appearance, you wouldnâÄôt easily be able to guess University of Minnesota sophomore Mary TaylorâÄòs racial or ethnic heritage. But if you ask the communications studies major...

Middle East stability to what end?

Published February 7, 2011

Imagine someone telling you last month that the streets of Cairo would be filled with pro-democracy protesters demanding a regime change, individual freedoms and respect for human rights. You probably...

Voices from Cedar-Riverside

Published January 31, 2011

It was four days after last weekâÄôs shooting when I visited the Brian Coyle Center, and it seemed like any other typical Thursday. Teenagers played basketball on its concrete gym floor, children...

Tunisia’s revolution wasn’t televised

Published January 24, 2011

Two weeks ago, most University of Minnesota students were probably busy enjoying their long-awaited winter breaks and gripped by the tragic shooting in Arizona. So itâÄôs no surprise that most...

Life of the cool

Published December 13, 2010

The Jazz Man hasnâÄôt always played jazz. Years ago, he thought R&B would be more appreciated by college students. "But that kind of music, nobody was into it," he said. "And I said, âÄòOK,...

Somalis react to FBI ‘terror plot’

Published December 6, 2010

The FBIâÄôs arrest of Somali-American teenager Mohamed Osman Mohamud in Oregon caused palpable waves of shock and fear in the Twin Cities Somali community. Minnesota Somalis were still recuperating...

Thanksgiving’s ‘bitter irony’

Published November 29, 2010

You were told as a child Thanksgiving dinner is about commemorating the friendly feast shared between the Indians and the goodhearted pilgrims. But as most Americans know, that story is a myth that âÄî...

Compromising faith for class

Published November 22, 2010

  In Saudi Arabia, my birthplace, itâÄôs normal for everyone to take up to a week off from school and work to hear the exchange of the words âÄúEid MubarakâÄù âÄî a...

Female objectification isn’t empowerment

Published November 15, 2010

Bizarre is the word that comes to mind when I watch Lady Gaga and Nicki MinajâÄôs music videos. Both artists, with their multicolored wigs, doe eyes and outrageous outfits have become cultural...

Revenue clashes with education

Published November 8, 2010

  Amid University-wide budget cuts and tuition increases, it is no surprise that entire departments and programs may be on the chopping block. However, it was disappointing to hear in March that the...

U.N. MDGs won’t work for Africa

Published November 1, 2010

ItâÄôs been 50 years since most African nations gained or began to move toward political independence in the hopes of also attaining economic freedom from their colonial masters. Despite the continentâÄôs...

Stereotyping Muslims is not OK

Published October 25, 2010

"When I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous." Those...

Diversity in Coffman under attack

Published October 18, 2010

It was my first day at freshman orientation, and I felt isolated. I was shocked to see that the diversity the University of Minnesota bragged about on its website and brochures was almost nowhere to be...

Is Driven to Discover limited to science?

Published October 11, 2010

âÄúDriven to Discover.âÄù YouâÄôve seen those three simple words plastered everywhere: from campus sidewalks and posters to the front cover of your Gopher Guide and along the Washington...

Reclaiming public education

Published October 4, 2010

Our University is in troubled times. WeâÄôve heard incessantly from our administrators that we are faced with phenomenal financial challenges at a time when resources are scarce. We are told that...

Is media coverage of Somalis too negative?

Published September 27, 2010

Since Sept. 11, the American news media have been preoccupied with stories about Muslims. News coverage of bombings, suicide killings, cartoons (and ensuing death threats), angry bearded men and anything...

We are failing Pakistan

Published September 7, 2010

Imagine land the size of Florida being submerged under water for a month, Scotland’s entire population of 5 million being made homeless, and 3.5 million children being threatened with malnutrition...

U area road plan not set in stone

Published January 26, 2010

Preparations are underway to build Granary Road next summer in order to reduce traffic on University Avenue and Fourth Street S. before construction for the light rail begins on University Avenue. The...

Cedar-Riverside welcomes new Somali beat cops

Published January 21, 2010

For years, Minneapolis police have struggled to gain the trust of the Somali community in Cedar-Riverside. The first precinct assigned two Somali beat officers to the neighborhood in the hopes that trust...

The Southeast Como Improvement Association sent a letter signed by 100 residents to University President Bob Bruininks’ office complaining about the negative impact of students on the neighborhood.

Letter discusses resident complaints

Published January 19, 2010

Public drunkenness, fires, violence and last yearâÄôs Dinkytown riots. Those are some of the complaints made against student residents in a petition letter sent to University of Minnesota President...

Dominique Smith, left, and Romeal Hughley, right, are residents of the Glendale Housing Complex in Prospect Park.

Glendale: A Prospect Park enclave

Published December 9, 2009

Prospect Park is known for historic houses, but rarely is it associated with its Glendale neighborhood, a community that has been home to Somalis for the past 13 years. Although Prospect ParkâÄôs...

Student battles cancer with community and family support

Student battles cancer with community and family support

Published December 8, 2009

Twenty-year-old John Verly was diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of cancer almost six months ago. A biopsy, two sessions of intense chemotherapy and 16 rounds of radiation later, Verly is still fighting...

Historic designation process frustrates Prospect Park residents

Published December 7, 2009

Be careful what you wish for. ThatâÄôs what Prospect Park residents learned after they began the arduous process of becoming a designated national historic site almost 10 years ago. When it became...

Immigrants get computer training

Published December 1, 2009

Abdiaziz Mohamed is a Somali refugee who is unemployed, canâÄôt speak fluent English and doesnâÄôt have the basic computer skills most people take for granted. Despite this, the Cedar-Riverside...

Illegal public sidewalk stirs controversy

Published November 30, 2009

The sidewalk that connects Fifth Street and Cedar Avenue looks typical at first glance. What you wouldnâÄôt know is that it was illegally built by the West Bank Community Development Corporation...

Greek community sees rise in overall grade point average

Published November 24, 2009

The greek community has long been stereotyped as being careless in academics, and almost 15 years ago, the below-2.75 average GPA of many fraternities and sororities was used to support the stereotype....

Local landlord sues MHNA

Published November 22, 2009

After six weeks of waiting for Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association to respond to a data practices request, property owner Jason Klohs has sued MHNA for violation of the Minnesota Government Data Practices...

Marcy-Holmes improves loans

Marcy-Holmes improves loans

Published November 19, 2009

Five houses in Marcy-Holmes have been vacant or boarded for several years, and at least one property may be demolished in the next few months. But only two revolving loans for exterior improvements have...

College DECA competes in statewide green fundraiser

Published November 15, 2009

Since its establishment at the University of Minnesota a year ago, Delta Epsilon Chi, the college division of DECA Inc ., has been trying to raise money through fundraisers like many other college organizations....

SECIA votes to allocate loan funds to stay open

Published November 12, 2009

For the past two decades, the Southeast Como Improvement Association (SECIA) has depended on funds from the Neighborhood Revitalization Program to fund community programs and improve the neighborhoodâÄôs...

New Minneapolis Housing Replacement District plan proposed

Published November 11, 2009

Since the collapse of the housing market after the economic recession hit in 2007, the City of Minneapolis and neighborhood organizations have been looking for new ways to encourage economic growth and...

University District Alliance holds first Architect Day

Published November 8, 2009

Marilyn Burns is a Southeast Como resident who says she sees a drastic change in the quality of housing in the University neighborhoods. The increase in vacant properties and the rapid transition from...

Southeast Como plans for grow box pilot project

Published October 29, 2009

The Southeast Como Improvement Association (SECIA) is a finalist for a grant that could fund a new pilot project that would allow residents to have a portable, reusable garden in the form of a grow box...

Brian Coyle Center redesign delayed

Published October 28, 2009

Plans to expand and renovate the 16-year-old Brian Coyle Community Center in Cedar-Riverside are no longer on schedule. The changes to the building and nearby facilities will now most likely be completed...

Participants begin the Disaster 101 simulation in the Earle Brown Continuing Education and Conference Center in St. Paul on Friday. The simulations were part of a research program funded by the Center for Disease Control to assess the effectiveness of live simulations for teaching emergency response skills.

Academic health center launches first disaster simulation

Published October 25, 2009

A group of health science students tested their emergency preparedness skills as participants of the University of MinnesotaâÄôs first-ever mass casualty simulation, part of a workshop called Disaster...

Freund Haus’ appeal to demolish 1013 University Ave. S.E. was granted, making way for an eight-unit development with 26 bedrooms to be built in its place.

Marcy-Holmes approves new apartment building

Published October 21, 2009

Plans for a new apartment development gained unanimous approval at a Marcy-Holmes land use committee meeting, despite the fact that it will be constructed on a designated historic site. The original plan...

University junior Thomas DeMarco makes his contribution to National Day on Writing on a typewriter Tuesday in Nicholson Hall.

University’s Center on Writing hosts first National Day on Writing

Published October 20, 2009

The University of Minnesota participated in the National Day on Writing on Tuesday with activities, short seminars and an interactive writing display to recognize the impact of writing on students. The...

EPA takes on arsenic contamination in south Minneapolis

Published October 19, 2009

Megan Koester , a Seward resident on 24th Avenue South, looked outside her window to see a group of people wearing white suits, orange hats, and boots removing soil from the house across the street. The...

Center founded by refugee helps immigrants in Cedar-Riverside

Published October 18, 2009

Sixteen years ago Hussein Samatar was a refugee from Somalia trying to learn English; now as the executive director of the African Development Center in Cedar-Riverside, he helps immigrants who are in...

Southeast Como community members attribute the decline in enrollment to the rise in student renters in the neighborhood in the past decade.

Neighborhood schools struggle to stay afloat

Published October 14, 2009

More than two years ago, Tuttle School was surrounded with hundreds of elementary and middle school students playing outside while waiting for classes to begin. Since the school was shut down by the district...

Increased aggression concerns Cedar-Riverside residents

Published October 7, 2009

After a relatively quiet summer with little crime reported, there has been an observed increase in aggressive youth activity in the past month within the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood . Thirty five community...

Construction postponed for Motley apartment complex

Published September 30, 2009

Undergraduates hoping to find new, affordable housing in Prospect Park might have their hopes put on hold. City Planning Commission approval of the construction of Eagle Crossing Apartments on the 600...

Fraternity holds benefit for student diagnosed with lymphoma

Published September 24, 2009

John Verly is almost like any other ambitious college student: he founded the UniversityâÄôs speech club, is a fraternity member and has big dreams for himself after graduation. However, unlike...

Sorority recruitment reaches record numbers in 2009

Published September 23, 2009

First-year nursing major Kelly Hitzeman is a new member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. She said she joined the sorority, regardless of the financial cost, because she wanted to volunteer, be involved...

Minnesota ends tax reciprocity with Wisconsin

Published September 22, 2009

MinnesotaâÄôs decision to terminate its tax reciprocity program with Wisconsin will require Minnesota residents who work in Wisconsin âÄî and vice versa âÄî to file taxes in both...

Due to incomplete safety and code compliance inspections, second year pre-law student Mitchel Doering was unable to move into his Dinkytown house until last Thursday.

Students kicked out of home for three weeks

Published September 21, 2009

After eight months of searching for an affordable house close to the University of Minnesota, Shannon Calhoun and Mitchel Doering finally settled for 1120 8th Street S.E. The houseâÄôs size, location...

Actors perform The Buddha Prince at Powderhorn Park Thursday. The play, which commemorates Tibets 50 years in exile, celebrates the life and teachings of the Dalai Lama.

“Walking play” The Buddha Prince comes to Minneapolis

Published September 17, 2009

âÄúLook deep, youâÄôll see weâÄôre all the same,âÄù was the closing line of The Buddha Prince, a vibrant outdoor play based on the life and teachings of the 14th Dalai Lama...

Change in parking regulation to affect student housing

Change in parking regulation to affect student housing

Published September 10, 2009

Future housing developments in the University district are now required to provide half a parking space for each bedroom in the unit. The city believes the new rules will lead to better student housing....

Former U student killed in Somalia Friday

Published September 9, 2009

Mohamoud Hassan was a University of Minnesota junior with a bright future that came to an abrupt and uncertain end in his war-torn homeland. The civil engineering major was one of at least 20 Twin Cities...

SECIA recently received a grant from the MN Polution Control Agency to do research on illegal garbage dumping in the Como neighborhood.  The garbage includes unwanted furniture and electronics as mass move-outs take place at the end of the summer.

Illegal trash dumping in Como prompts research project

Published September 7, 2009

Heaps of trash illegally dumped onto sidewalks and front lawns could be seen in the Southeast Como neighborhood as residence turnover rates reached their highest numbers last week. Items included food,...