Debate for fee committee slate undecided

by Sascha Matuszak

The debate over the 1998 Student Services Fees Committee is going back to the drawing board.
For the past month, the Graduate and Professional Student Association and the Minnesota Student Association had been tossing lists of candidates back and forth. On Tuesday, they finally agreed on a slate of nine alternates.
But in a statement issued to the MSA Forum on Friday, MSA President Jigar Madia used his veto power to strike down the slate.
In the statement, Madia made clear that the decision was “based on the principle of fairness and my duty, as president, to do the right thing.”
The list of alternates was originally rejected by GAPSA, allegedly because of the naming of Bill Gilles, head of the College Republicans, as the first alternate.
In an emergency meeting on Tuesday, both GAPSA and MSA agreed to pass a slate without Gilles’ name on the list.
Being on the alternate list does not ensure serving on the committee, Gilles said on Tuesday.
But the issues were Gilles’ alleged unethical behavior on past committees and his ability to influence decisions.
The Tuesday meeting was not without heated discussion over Gilles’ rights and the fact that rejecting the list based on ideology might be unjust.
Madia mentioned on Tuesday that he might veto the decision made by MSA and GAPSA.
Madia insisted in the statement that his decision had absolutely nothing to do with Gilles. Instead, he said, the issue was fairness.
“I cannot compromise fairness so a group of officials can save time and work,” Madia said.