Computer equipment stolen from Middlebrook Hall lab

by Amy Hackbarth

An unknown suspect or suspects stole more than $6,000 in computer equipment from Middlebrook Hall last month, University police said.

Several computer towers and monitors, as well as a Zip drive, were taken from the residence hall’s computer lab sometime after May 10, according to the police report.

The perpetrator or perpetrators removed eight inches of a wooden vent on the lab’s door, likely in an effort to get inside the room, said University police Capt. Steve Johnson.

The hall’s computer lab is always locked when it is closed, said Kim Araya, coordinator of student behavior and student staffing.

Police found no fingerprints in the lab, but Johnson said the police department will monitor pawnshops for computers with serial numbers matching the stolen equipment.

“That would give us a trail to go back on,” Johnson said.

If found, the perpetrator or perpetrators will face felony charges.

– Amy Hackbarth