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Blaze threatens Ariz. telescope

by Amy Hackbarth
Published July 6, 2004
Wildfires approach Large Binocular Telescope, which the University partially owns.

Awareness week to spur debate on capital punishment

by Amy Hackbarth
Published February 9, 2004

In the wake of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's recent proposal to reintroduce the death penalty, several University student groups will hold the second annual death penalty awareness week. Starting today, speakers...

Students cheer, boo during annual speech

by Amy Hackbarth
Published January 21, 2004

On a quiet Tuesday night at Stub and Herb's, a handful of people huddled around the bar in relative silence. Below them, 50 University students jostled and shouted for elbow room in the basement, eager...

Fairness in story selection not as easy as keeping a tally

by Amy Hackbarth
Published November 21, 2003

Where is the fair reporting?" one reader asked in response to two Associated Press articles about Palestinian issues printed in Tuesday's Daily. A page four story chronicled the Internet use of Palestinians...

Coffman Union gas line break causes evacuation of nearby buildings

by Amy Hackbarth
Published July 29, 2002

Construction workers at Coffman Union broke a natural gas line Wednesday, prompting the evacuation of several nearby buildings. Fearing air contamination, the Minneapolis Fire Department moved people out...

Students charged with hockey riot vandalism

by Amy Hackbarth
Published July 8, 2002

Seven University students were charged with felonies and two with misdemeanors last week for damaging Dinkytown property after the Gophers' April national hockey championship win. The Minneapolis city...

Students charged in hockey melee

by Amy Hackbarth
Published July 1, 2002

Seven University students were charged with felonies Wednesday morning for damaging Dinkytown property after the Gophers' April national hockey championship win. Charges of gross misdemeanors or misdemeanors...

Marcy-Holmes thefts prompt police warning

by Amy Hackbarth
Published July 1, 2002

Minneapolis police officers are urging Marcy-Holmes residents to increase their home security measures following a string of burglaries in that neighborhood. At least 16 homes and apartments near University...

City Somalis react to Jeilani ruling

by Amy Hackbarth
Published June 24, 2002

A Hennepin County grand jury cleared six Minneapolis police officers last week of wrongdoing in the March shooting of a Somali man. Abu Kassim Jeilani, 28, was shot by the officers 12 times after police...

Computer equipment stolen from Middlebrook Hall lab

by Amy Hackbarth
Published June 17, 2002

An unknown suspect or suspects stole more than $6,000 in computer equipment from Middlebrook Hall last month, University police said. Several computer towers and monitors, as well as a Zip drive, were...

Still no major leads in Ellison murder

by Amy Hackbarth
Published June 10, 2002

Investigators pursuing leads in the double homicide of a University student and an alumnus are no longer considering the involvement of another University student. A search warrant filed in Hennepin County...

U police work to stop misuse of handicap parking permits

by Amy Hackbarth
Published June 3, 2002

Three years ago, University police Officer Dave St. Cyr saw a healthy-looking student parking a car with a handicap parking permit. Doubting the student's permit was legal, St. Cyr tracked down the original...

Med School grads seek specialties

by Amy Hackbarth
Published May 9, 2002

Trish Valusek will add a new title to her name Friday afternoon. At her graduation ceremony, the University Medical School student will be called "doctor" for the first time. The ceremony marks the end...

Internships help grads connect, find employers

by Amy Hackbarth
Published May 7, 2002

When University senior Kim Lindeen graduates this semester, she'll move on to become an adolescent counselor at the Bar None Residential Treatment Center. She gives partial credit for receiving the position...

Implants save hearing, prompt worries over deaf community’s future

by Amy Hackbarth
Published May 3, 2002

Cassie Bunker started losing her hearing when she was 34. As her problem worsened, Bunker compensated for her increasing deafness by writing notes, talking on speakerphones and asking people to repeat...

Pagans celebrate Beltane holiday

by Amy Hackbarth
Published May 2, 2002

Thursday evening, senior Mary Fingerholz will write a message of growth on a ribbon attached to a maypole in a St. Paul Park. She will weave her ribbon and those of other University Pagan Society members...

Unofficial marijuana holiday prompts discussion

by Amy Hackbarth
Published April 22, 2002

It's 4:20 p.m. on April 20, and it's Reya Sunshine Jes' 24th birthday. The cultural significance of her birth date does not escape Jes. She is familiar with marijuana - from age 13 on, she smoked it every...

University archivist retires after years of chronicling U history

by Amy Hackbarth
Published April 18, 2002

Several months ago, University archivist Penny Krosch opened a box of correspondence from the 1960s. Inside, she found a letter from Jack Kevorkian asking a prominent University surgeon for his opinion...

Medical School interviews final dean candidate

by Amy Hackbarth
Published April 16, 2002

The search for a new University Medical School dean is winding to a close as the final candidate for the position visited the University on Monday. Dr. Nicholas LaRusso, chairman of the internal medicine...

First college-sponsored house built by U Habitat chapter

by Amy Hackbarth
Published April 16, 2002

Although hesitant to wield a hammer, University President Mark Yudof was quick to praise University students during his Monday visit to the construction site of the University Habitat for Humanity Campus...

Dinkytown store owners repair buildings in riots’ aftermath

by Amy Hackbarth
Published April 11, 2002

Mike Dubovich wasn't in Dinkytown during the riots Sunday morning after the NCAA hockey championship game. But he watched the mayhem on the television news, where he saw his store, Just All Wireless, in...

Dean candidate Powell recognizes medical school’s difficulty

by Amy Hackbarth
Published April 9, 2002

Dr. Deborah Powell said she recognizes medical students experience an information overload during their first years at school. "Faculty members have always understood that they are not teaching students...

Krummel considered for Medical School dean

by Amy Hackbarth
Published April 5, 2002

As chairman of the surgery department at Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Thomas Krummel recognizes the promising future of using virtual technology to prepare students for surgeries. Krummel,...

Condom advocacy group celebrates 10 years on campus

by Amy Hackbarth
Published April 4, 2002

SHADE knows condoms. The University sexual health program holds entire workshops centered on the sexual protection device. It distributes more than 100,000 free condoms per year. Even its mascot is a nonchalant,...

Med School dean candidate Murphy visits U, speaks

by Amy Hackbarth
Published April 3, 2002

Dr. Sharon Murphy, a dean candidate for the University Medical School, met with University officials, faculty and students during the first day of her visit to the University campus Tuesday. More than...

Group to promote use of emergency contraception pills

by Amy Hackbarth
Published March 28, 2002

Planned Parenthood of Minnesota/South Dakota wants to educate college students about emergency contraceptives with a campaign that will hit the University and 16 other state campuses April 1. Education...

Medical School dean candidate visits campus, school officials

by Amy Hackbarth
Published March 26, 2002

University Medical School dean candidate Dr. Eli Adashi met with school officials, faculty, students and citizens Monday on the first day of a two-day campus visit. In an hour-long lecture delivered to...

U group’s Web site offers seniors classes, activities

by Amy Hackbarth
Published March 26, 2002

Four years after retiring, Peter Sammond wonders when he ever had time to work. The 69-year-old paints watercolors, gardens, attends weekly discussion groups and takes classes at the University's ElderLearning...

U research finds eye drops effective in treating lazy eye

by Amy Hackbarth
Published March 14, 2002

Talking with freshman Adam Fogolin, you wouldn't know he has ambylopia, or lazy eye. "Most people don't recognize it unless they talk to me face to face," he said. But when Fogolin speaks with someone...

Groups react to police shooting of Somali man

by Amy Hackbarth
Published March 12, 2002

Several community and activist groups expressed outrage Monday after Minneapolis police officers shot dead a 28-year-old Somali man Sunday. Abu Kassim Jeilani was wielding a machete and a crowbar at the...

U awards research grants to professors

by Amy Hackbarth
Published March 11, 2002

When critics attempt to describe his two novels, David Treuer often cringes. Both featuring American Indian families, Treuer said, the books are sometimes seen as ethnographies of American Indian life,...

Minnesotans rally against president’s visit

by Amy Hackbarth
Published March 5, 2002

Everyone was a critic Monday afternoon as approximately 200 people rallied their causes outside the Minneapolis Hilton while President George W. Bush delivered a speech at a dinner for Republican gubernatorial...

Students’ sacrifices mark Lent

by Amy Hackbarth
Published March 4, 2002

Forty days, 960 hours or 57,600 minutes. A long time to go without cigarettes during lunch break, chocolate for dessert or sex. Yet some University students are sacrificing their favorite vices to acknowledge...

Grad schools see increased interest

by Amy Hackbarth
Published February 26, 2002

More University students are trading their job applications for graduate school applications as the effects of the flagging economy hit the marketplace. Applications to many University professional schools,...

Students enjoy music, dessert at Sno-ball dance

by Amy Hackbarth
Published February 25, 2002

University sophomore Michelle Neal never gets to dress up. She can't even remember the last time she painted her nails. "It's been two years, at least," she said. But Saturday night, in a strobe-lit Gateway...

Jewish professors debate qualities of latke, hamentash

by Amy Hackbarth
Published February 22, 2002

Lester Block has a message for the Christian public: "Give up latke for Lent." During his speech debating the merits of the Jewish pancake and its cookie counterpart, the hamentash, Block accused the latke...

Students seek cash with trash

by Amy Hackbarth
Published February 21, 2002

If you go to Chuck Terhark's Dinkytown apartment, ask to see his snake Gollum. It's white with pale spots, about a foot long and has lived in Terhark's freezer for more than a year. Being dead, Gollum...

Student political stance different as time passes

by Amy Hackbarth
Published February 12, 2002

Thirty-eight years ago, in smoky coffee shops and at sit-ins and student rallies, a weathered jangle proclaimed, "The times, they are a-changin'." Now, researchers at the University of California at Los...

Melted ice castle hinders Habitat fund-raiser

by Amy Hackbarth
Published February 11, 2002

James Westin spent more than 500 hours building a three-story ice castle in his backyard. But it took only one day for Mother Nature to undo all of it. One day after the University sophomore - with help...

Not their parents’ U: Black students find changed attitudes

by Amy Hackbarth
Published February 4, 2002

It's 1950, and Donald "Bill" McMoore is sitting at home. Again. As a black student on the University's boxing team, McMoore is often left behind when the team attends segregated matches in the South. During...

FBI seeking new recruits, increases focus on terrorism

by Amy Hackbarth
Published January 31, 2002

Special Agent Dan Miller said he hates sitting behind a desk. The 1972 University graduate has escaped the confines of cubicles while working for the FBI. In 23 years at the bureau, Miller has worked to...

U students seek roles on MTV ‘reality’ shows

by Amy Hackbarth
Published January 28, 2002

University freshmen Cassie Soukup and Eren Roubal want to jumpstart their careers in theater. University transfer student Tanya Callias wants to get out of Minnesota for the first time in her life. And...

Student vigil marks Roe anniversary

by Amy Hackbarth
Published January 23, 2002

Abortion opponents assembled for a candlelight vigil on Northrop Mall on Tuesday night to remember the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision. "In apathy, you're as guilty as the murderers themselves,"...

Writing center holds Sept. 11 spoken-word event

by Amy Hackbarth
Published December 14, 2001

On Sept. 12 University professor Michael Dennis Browne wrote a letter to his older sister Angela. Angela, who died less than a year before the terrorist attacks, remained Browne's inspiration and compelled...

U group studies Sept. 11 effects on developmentally disabled

by Amy Hackbarth
Published December 10, 2001

Mary Hayden, research director at the University's Center on Community Living, has heard the stories of developmentally disabled people living near the World Trade Towers during the Sept. 11 attacks. When...

Professor protests military recruitment

by Amy Hackbarth
Published December 6, 2001

The Society of American Law Teachers - an organization headed by University law professor Carol Chomsky - has been criticized for protesting military recruitment of law students on college campuses. An...

Teach For America gives U grads opportunities

by Amy Hackbarth
Published November 29, 2001

As a University student, David Miller loved and hated chemistry. His love of the study motivated him to major in chemistry, but his hatred of the sterility and loneliness of lab work convinced him not...

U Habitat chapter volunteers restore home

by Amy Hackbarth
Published November 19, 2001

The house at 2311 Portland Ave. is run down. Once a four-bedroom home, an owner converted it to a duplex before it fell into disrepair. Fake brick siding peels off the house, the glass in the windowpanes...

Panelists discuss government trust in light of terrorism bill

by Amy Hackbarth
Published November 13, 2001

University law professor john powell said he doesn't trust the government. He also said trust isn't necessary. "I don't think our role as the fourth branch of the government-being the public-is to trust...

Kenneth Starr visits U gala

by Amy Hackbarth
Published November 13, 2001

Many Americans might equate Kenneth Starr with a presidential sex scandal and investigations into illicit real estate transactions. Starr served as a special prosecutor in the Whitewater investigation...

Financial aid office move to Internet saves money, time

by Amy Hackbarth
Published November 12, 2001

The University Office of Student Finance replaced paperwork and line waiting with the click of a mouse this fall when the office moved its financial aid process to the Web. Students who receive financial...

Love’s fat chance

by Amy Hackbarth
Published November 9, 2001

Shallow Hal Directed by Bobby & Peter Farrelly (Jack Black, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jason Alexander, Joe Viterelli) PG13 Shallow Hal is the greatest service to overweight people this year. Or perhaps, it's...

U meditation group aims to alleviate Sept. 11 anxiety

by Amy Hackbarth
Published November 7, 2001

The Minnesota Daily sent a reporter to participate in stress relief meditation.This is a first-person account. When I received an invitation to attend a Sept. 11 stress relief meditation last Saturday,...

Muslim groups host educational forum

by Amy Hackbarth
Published November 5, 2001

Sumbal Mahmud was sitting in a University Law School lounge when she heard about the Sept. 11 attacks. As a Muslim, she feared she would be ostracized because of her beliefs. "There was so much uncertainty,"...

Music file-sharing continues despite U efforts

by Amy Hackbarth
Published November 1, 2001

Before going to concerts, Andy likes to do his homework on the opening bands that will be playing. Using his ethernet connection at Pioneer Hall, Andy - who wanted only his first name to be used to avoid...

U considers mandating midterm reports

by Amy Hackbarth
Published October 26, 2001

Next fall, University students who worry during the semester about their grade point averages won't have to wait until finals to know their course grades. The University might implement a midterm evaluation...

First Avenue hip-hop concert promotes MN YouthVote cause

by Amy Hackbarth
Published October 24, 2001

Elianne Farhat went to First Avenue Tuesday night to hear the hip-hop group Eyedea & Abilities. But by the end of the night, the 17-year-old walked away with a new appreciation for voting. The band,...

Diverse festivals celebrate diverse film

by Amy Hackbarth
Published October 19, 2001

Driving from his St. Louis Park home to classes at the University every day last year, Charlie Gerszewski watched the photographs depicting life on Lake Street that he saw lining area storefronts. "I think...

Son of executed political activist speaks to University students

by Amy Hackbarth
Published October 18, 2001

Ken Wiwa Jr. sometimes feels like he and his deceased father are melded into one person. "There are no points between where you end and your parents begin," Wiwa said. "My father lives in me." As the son...

U Law School hosts weekend civil rights injustice conference

by Amy Hackbarth
Published October 15, 2001

Michelle Gross became an activist because her legs were cold. As a child growing up on the eastern coast of Florida, Gross' school dress code forced her to wear skirts. "I lived by the beach, and every...

After a decade, U marching band to release album Friday

by Amy Hackbarth
Published October 15, 2001

  Jason Sprenger said he is proud to be in the University marching band and wants other people to know it. ?We want people to see the enthusiasm we have for what we do,? said Sprenger, a rank lieutenant...

Free speech under seige in favor of patriotic outpouring

by Amy Hackbarth
Published October 11, 2001

The Anti-War Committee moved a few tables, desks and a refrigerator into its new office space in El Milagro Lutheran Church on Sept. 10. But three days after the East Coast attacks, officials from the...

Tightened security to remain the same at U, public facilities

by Amy Hackbarth
Published October 8, 2001

The bombing of Afghanistan will not directly affect security measures at the University or at local stadiums and airports, officials said Sunday. Many organizations said they increased security after the...

National Guard to support security at state’s airports

by Amy Hackbarth
Published October 3, 2001

Armed and robed in camouflage fatigues, National Guard members will patrol the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport starting Friday morning. Metropolitan Airports Commission and National Guard officials...

Terror attacks prompt proposals for tighter immigration laws

by Amy Hackbarth
Published October 1, 2001

Immigration lawyer Laura Danielson's clients have been living in fear the past two weeks after witnessing discrimination and hearing tales of foreigners being beaten and murdered. "I have a lot of clients...

U Film Society optimistic arts can aid with coping

by Amy Hackbarth
Published September 28, 2001

To combat Arab-American discrimination around campus, the University Film Society will show a film celebrating the relationships of Islamic, Christian and Jewish families. A Summer in la Goulette, a 1996...

Film industry delays releases, adjusts content after attacks

by Amy Hackbarth
Published September 26, 2001

Spartacus and Mariah Carey replaced angry reptiles and exploding planes this week as the film industry adjusted its content for appropriateness following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. From Har Mar to...

New state plan allows families to save for college tax-free

by Amy Hackbarth
Published September 25, 2001

Minnesotans soon can establish college savings accounts for their family members without paying taxes on them. The new state plan will allow these accounts to build tax-free, starting January 2002. "The...

Med School dean resigns; U launches replacement search

by Amy Hackbarth
Published September 24, 2001

University Medical School Dean Alfred Michael announced Thursday he will step down from his position in June 2002. A national search to refill the position began immediately. Michael said he thinks the...

Attacks might have increased voter turnout, officials say

by Amy Hackbarth
Published September 13, 2001

Voters in Minneapolis and St. Paul showed up at the polls for primary elections in greater numbers than in previous years, despite serious concerns that Tuesday's terrorist attacks would keep turnouts...

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