Daily Digest: Road Works, Ryan Gosling and Google Wonders

Evelina Smirnitskaya

Here is your Daily Digest for Thursday, April 4:

 – Road construction season is upon us, as the Minnesota Department of Transportation announced 316 new road projects around the state, according to MPR. Costing about $1.1 billion, the list of projects includes work on the Interstate 694, resurfacing of Interstate 35E between St. Paul and Forest Lake, and continuing work on the Hwy 169 and I-494 interchange.

 – Hey girl, about to get hit by a car? No sweat, Ryan Gosling will literally save your life. News publications and entertainment blogs are abuzz discussing the hero merits of Gosling’s fatal-car-accident-preventing skillz. Accrdoing to the MSN's entertainment blog, Laurie Penny, a contributor to various publications including The New Statesmen, Independent, Guardian and Al-Jazeera tweeted to her followers Tuesday she “literally, LITERALLY just got saved from a car by Ryan Gosling. Literally. That actually just happened.” Penny was crossing a busy street in New York and – being British, she later explained via twitter – didn’t look the right way, failing no notice a taxi coming towards her. Gosling  pulled her out of the way. Meanwhile, we shall await the epic movie remake of this incident.

 – Google just unveiled details of its augmented reality project. Project Glass – the brainchild of Google’s experimental lab – offers a concept of eyewear with a built-in microphone and partly-transparent video screen, which would transmit information like weather forecasts, location maps and appointments over the view from the users' right eye. There are no details on future production or sale of the product, but developers said they are seeking input from the public. The company, however, may have some competition, BBC reports, with Sony and Microsoft recently patenting ideas of miniature displays to go over users’ eyes for “gaming and beyond.”