Are Christians under attack?

Republicans point fingers at the White House for anti-Christian sentiment.

Eric Best

As the leading Republican candidates leave New Hampshire for the next primary in South Carolina, more and more candidates are blaming President Barack ObamaâÄôs administration for limiting religious freedom. Agreement amongst Republican candidates on the topic reached its peak during the New Hampshire Republican Debate when Rick Perry accused Obama of battling religion âÄî Christianity in particular âÄî and said those âÄúbattles would stopâÄù if the Texas governor is elected. PerryâÄôs âÄúStrongâÄù ad deemed the situation a âÄúwar on religion.âÄù
The Texas governor cited the presidentâÄôs decision to deny funding to Christian charities attempting to help victims of sex-trafficking âÄî the president disagreed with the churchâÄôs policy to âÄúdisallow funding for birth control or abortion services.âÄù
On the topic of Christian charity, specifically its policy dealing with adoption services and abortion, Rep. Newt Gingrich said âÄúthere is a lot more anti-Christian bigotry today than the other side.âÄù
It is extremely difficult to sympathize with Perry and Gingrich when you look at the list of candidates aiming for the White House: five Republicans and one incumbent Democrat, all Christians âÄî not to mention the 43 other Christian presidents that came before them. The accusation that the Obama administration is inciting a war on religion is preposterous. Ignoring the fact that the president is a Christian himself, the feelings amongst Christians in America of persecution is a result of growing secularization of government âÄî and an unwillingness to accept that Christianity should not have a unique privilege with federal services.
Pointing a finger at Washington, candidates are attempting to rile up their base in order to garner more support in a close race. The separation of church and state will always be contested, but Washington must continue to fight for religious equality and dissolving Christian privilege.
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