Go veg

Francesca Valente

As a longtime vegetarian, I applaud Compassionate Action for Animals for their weeklong celebration of going veg (âÄúStudent group: go vegetarian for a week,âÄù Sept. 28). Like millions of other Americans, my decision to stop eating animals was a direct result of discovering the cruel and inhumane conditions inside todayâÄôs massive factory farms and slaughterhouses. More than 10 billion land animals are raised and killed for food every year in the United States alone. Many suffer painful mutilations, such as debeaking and castration, without any painkillers. Every time each of us chooses a vegetarian meal, weâÄôre making a difference for animals. Happily, as vegetarian eating has grown in popularity, it is easier than ever to find delicious animal friendly foods. To keep your pledge going, check out TryVeg.com for a free Vegetarian Starter Guide. Francesca Valente Daily reader