Paper carrier’s car window shattered

Andrew Tellijohn

A man had the driver’s side window of his car shattered at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday in the Bailey Hall parking lot on the St. Paul campus.
Brian Eldridge, a Star Tribune carrier for about three years, was sitting in his car writing notes. He said he looked up and noticed four men walking down the street toward his car.
“The next thing I knew one of them had kicked or punched the window in,” he said. “Both sides of the front seat were just covered with glass.”
Eldridge said he was not injured but he was a bit shaken.
“It’s unnerving to say the least,” he said.
University police have no suspects in the case.

In other police news occurring between Oct. 21 and Oct. 28:

ù A female University student reported to University Police that an unknown male had been stalking her last week.
The student was sitting in front of Folwell Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 16, when the man handed her a note.
The message read, “I think you are beautiful. I’ve been watching you run your fingers through your hair.”
The woman again saw the man on Monday, Oct. 21, while she walked toward Pillsbury Hall. She said she felt uncomfortable after walking past him.
“I felt like someone was following me and I kind of tried to look, but I didn’t see anyone,” she said.
When she arrived at the bus stop in front of Coffman Memorial Union she saw the same man by some bushes, she said.
The student filled out a University Police report last Tuesday about the man’s behavior.
“If he shows up again, then I believe we have a stalking,” said University Police Sgt. Joe May.
University Police have no suspects in the case.

ù A University student fell down a Mississippi River bank last Sunday after he had been drinking.
University Police Officer Lee North spotted the student, who was on his hands and knees by the river embankment on the East Bank campus.
The student then slid down the side, a distance of 30 to 55 feet, said University Police Sgt. Joe May.
Fire, rescue and the Hennepin County Water Patrol were called. The student was found injured along the shoreline of the river and was transported by boat to an ambulance.
University Police tested the student’s blood alcohol level, which was found to be .321.
“It’s a miracle he’s alive. He was three times over the legal limit for driving,” said Sgt. May. He said a blood alcohol level of .4 could cause death.
The student was cited for disorderly conduct and consumption by a minor.