Absolutely Alliterative Reviews

Between boast-worthy and banal, A&E attacks art and activities with alliteration.

>Svedka vodka – Seductively sippable, never nauseating.

Diplo’s new disc – Dang! A disco dance and a pitter-pattering pimp party!

Uptown Art Fair – Yuppies yapping. Youngsters yelping. Artistic angst aggregating.

Earthquake captured on Judge Judy – Justice jarred when world went wobbly.

Brett Favre – Incredibly indecisive individual irks entire Packer Nation

Conor Oberst’s new record “Conor Oberst” – Supremely sexy singer/songwriter swings solo

Charcoal grilling – Tedious tradition yields tasty and transcendent treats

The state of the current video rental business – move over Mr. Movies; McDonald’s Redbox makes more money!

Minneapolis tap water – Finally, fresh and fishless