Research supports Daily editorial

This is in response to Joe Dunsmore’s Oct. 16 letter, “Minority enrollment.” Dunsmore calls the Daily’s editorial board biased in its Oct. 11 editorial (“Minority enrollment deserves attention”), while he himself is not only using biased opinions, but they are also not well-researched. He writes that the board “consistently finds statistics that minorities do worse than their white counterparts at the University.” These statistics were “found” because research consistently shows them to be true, along with research that shows institutionalized racism exists to support poor minority performance at universities.

The author also inquired as to why more attention was not focused on “the fairness and integrity of non-minorities.” The article was not about non-minorities; it was about maintaining diversity, which the author also thinks to be worthless. Neil Rudenstien, the former president of Harvard University, said diversity allows everyone to achieve a better education by allowing others to hear another view beside their own.

Also, the latest research out of the University of Michigan (to be published in The Harvard Educational Review in December) finds that some of the people who benefit the most from a diverse environment are non-minorities. This means that the author is attacking something that actually benefits him. We need to support diversity, be aware of institutionalized racism and strive for the highest level of education for everyone, and not “boo-hoo” arguments, asking: “Why aren’t they paying attention to me?”

Anne Howarth, junior, communication studies