The MN Orchestra sells itself to give to the max

by Thomas Q. Johnson

If you’ve ever wanted to perform martial arts with a trumpeter, chug beer with a bassist, or speak French with a violinist, get yer TCF Bank checkbooks out. The Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra are auctioning themselves off for today’s Give to the Max Day, a single day non-profit fundraising blitz that raised over $16 million in Minnesota last year.


The musicians, who have been locked out since October 2012, are hoping to raise $25,000 in 24 hours to bump them just over the long term goal of $150,000 to support their Fall Concert Series (which includes a performance at Ted Mann this Thursday and Friday).


For a full list of what’s available from musicians, check their page. Choose what you bid for wisely because there’s a two musician limit per person, lest you thought you could buy the whole orchestra.


Celine Leathead – Childcare or infant care
William Schrickel – Portrait photo
TaiChi Chen – Chess game
Quilting lesson with Marni Hougham
Celine Leathead – Coffee or lunch with French conversation



Chris Marshall – Swim, or run
Individual or group watch Herb Winslow coach a power wheelchair soccer team practice on a Saturday afternoon – maybe even try playing

Tennis lesson with Tony Ross
“Walk & talk around Lake of the Isles w/ Kate Nettleman
Manny Laureano – Martial arts workout
Adam Kuenzel – cross country ski lesson
Peter Kogan – walk in local park


Jean DeVere – Coach adult chamber group
Ellen D. Smith – Experiment with the Alphorn
Talk on how to take an audition “The Five Minutes that can Change Your Life!” with Wendy Williams
Peter Kogan – My “Cornucopia” CD as gift
House Concert with Tony Ross and Beth Rapier
An evening of chamber music with Catherine Shaefer at her home. Experiences



2 Dozen of Milan Reiche’s famous homemade cupcakes
Pam Arnstein – 2 doz or her original Zesty Lemon Cookies
Dave Williamson – homemade beer making lesson/brew session
Dave Williamson – Beer & Pizza at Pizza Luce
Jason Arkis will take you out to lunch – your choice