Student cited for fake ID vomits in police car

An intoxicated male was cited early Saturday morning for giving a false name to police and drinking underage. When police arrived near Sanford Hall, David Vogelbacher, a 20-year-old who attends the University of St. Thomas , âÄúwas barely able to stand and was staggering very close to traffic,âÄù according to the police report. University police officer Samuel Schooler approached Vogelbacher to ask for his identification and could hardly understand his response. Vogelbacher gave him a South Dakota driverâÄôs license while telling the officer that he lives at St. Thomas and is 21 years old. Schooler noticed that the driverâÄôs license listed VogelbacherâÄôs age as 22, according to the report. Schooler found a Minnesota driverâÄôs license also in VogelbacherâÄôs possession, which stated that he is 20 years old, according to the report. After Schooler put Vogelbacher in the squad car, he began vomiting in the backseat. âÄúI opened the door and advised him to vomit on the ground, instead,âÄù Schooler said in the report. Schooler then took Vogelbacher to the University of Minnesota Medical Center. Possessing a fake ID is not a stand-alone offense, but if it is used and found to be false, it is punishable by up to 90 days in jail, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said. Cooperating with police could help lessen the consequences, he said.

Party broken up by police

University police officer Daniel Farrar responded to a call about a party in the Southeast Como neighborhood over the weekend. Upon his arrival, he was approached by three men who claimed that one of them had been assaulted. The victim, who did not give his name to University police, told the officer that he had been pushed to the ground and punched by another party attendee, University police Chief Greg Hestness said. The three men led Farrar to Colby Willson, 19 , who they identified as the attacker. It was apparent that Willson was underage, so Farrar, after checking his driverâÄôs license, issued a citation. Hestness said the victim opted not to file an official report for the alleged assault. Willson was cited and released after he admitted to drinking and refused to take a breathalyzer test.