White again says he’ll withdraw from U

White has been suspended since November and has not played a game for the Gophers.

Michael Rietmulder

For the second time in his first year with the University of Minnesota, Royce White said he will be withdrawing from school and the Gophers men’s basketball team. White has been suspended from the team since Nov. 3 and has never played a game with the Gophers. He cited safety on campus as a reason for his decision to withdraw from the University. âÄúI donâÄôt feel safe âĦ on campus because I really donâÄôt feel like the police have to answer to anybody, so it makes me wonder what theyâÄôll be allowed to do,âÄù White said. White previously announced that he intended to leave the University in a YouTube message in December. However, White never filed the necessary paperwork and began practicing with the team in January. This time, White says he âÄúdefinitelyâÄù plans to leave the school and that nothing will change his mind. White was first suspended following an Oct. 13 incident at the Mall of America. He later pleaded guilty to charges of theft and disorderly conduct in connection with the case. On Monday, White’s lawyers and prosecutors failed to reach an agreement on trespassing charges stemming from a November incident at Territorial Hall. The case will likely go to trial. Because of that, White said he probably wouldnâÄôt be allowed to play and that he does not want to risk another on-campus incident. âÄúItâÄôs all about perception,âÄù White said. âÄúAnything can happen a certain way and I donâÄôt want the perception to be that IâÄôve done anything wrong if I really havenâÄôt. I just donâÄôt want to risk that, so itâÄôs best for me to just go home.âÄù Negotiations between WhiteâÄôs attorney, F. Clayton Tyler, and prosecutors were unable to yield a resolution âÄúamenable to both sidesâÄù Tyler said. Another court date been scheduled for Feb. 9, after which Tyler expects the case to go to trial. White said he will not transfer to another university and any future plans, including playing in Europe, have yet to be decided.