Men’s basketball marketing preemptively warns fans

Derek Wetmore

Minnesota’s student section can get a little crazy at times. It’s loud, it’s usually angry at a referee or opposing coach, and almost always uses vulgarities to express it’s collective discontent.

In year’s past, head men’s coach Tubby Smith issued a response to students who chanted “F–k, Bo Ryan!” during a game against the Badgers. Smith said he was disappointed in the conduct ask that students support the team more positively.

This year, Barnyard athletics marketing sent out an email to season ticket holders hoping to pre-empt any verbal abuse:

“Barnyard Members,

We are excited about tonight’s big game against the Wisconsin Badgers. You can be the difference as the energy and noise from the Barnyard can create an unbelievable home court advantage!

We ask that you show respect to the Badgers’ players, fans and staff. Bring your “A” game tonight and let’s get a win against the Badgers!

Be Loud! Be Proud! Be Golden!”