Revolution Elmo

Elmo — one of those commuters — was getting on the highway this morning when he had an urge. “It’s been a while since I’ve listened to REV 105’s soothing, molasses-voiced Brian Oake and his special friend,” Elmo said. When he turned on the radio, he heard an awful sound — those Zep-poseurs Great White. “What the hell is this?” Elmo cried. Then came the voice of some metal dude: “Hey rockers, you’re listening to X105, man! Today we’ll see a rockin’ high in the lower 30s and low in the upper 20s! Tomorrow, you see a thrusting high near 35 with light snow, dude! There’s a 60 percent chance of snow, fallin’ like ‘November Rain’! Here’s Guns’n’Roses!” Yuk.