Anderson’s Sept. 27 column

Ayah Helmy

Ross Anderson seems to be trying to mask his racism in a slew of excuses and justifications. His insertions about a âÄúblack girlâÄù sleeping over at his place or âÄúkeep[ing] Muslim friendsâÄù are a pathetic way to cover up his prejudice against Muslims (see: every single thing heâÄôs ever written about them). I am glad that he cares about feminism enough to write a column championing it, but I wonder if he sees the irony in his preference of hijab to the âÄúshameless flesh show that is American pop fashionâÄù. Hijab, made to protect a woman, is a feminist endeavor. A religion that calls for the protection of women and gives them rights more than any other religion cannot be the root of misogyny. It is the culture of the people who chose to adopt Islam that can be sexist, not the religion itself. If Anderson would like to comment about the role of women in patriarchal societies, he will be more than welcomed by this reader. Muslims do not consider sexism in any form an âÄúold-honored culture or tradition,âÄù nor will we submit âÄúsome trite defense about maintainingâÄù it. We condemn it and have laws against it. Next time, Anderson should do his research before placing the blame for such deplorable actions on something that has nothing to do with them. Ayah Helmy University alumnus