Man hurls keg through window, attacks residents

by Robert Koch

A party crasher and several of his friends hurled an empty keg through a window and attacked residents and guests with a baton Saturday evening at a house in the Marcy Holmes neighborhood.
Nobody was seriously injured, and Minneapolis police removed the 19-year-old man when he returned at 10:40 p.m. to the house at 425 S.E. 12th Ave.
Jessie Quinlan, a nursing junior who lives upstairs, said she returned home from Spring Jam to find a front window broken and the downstairs front room in disarray.
The assailant arrived at a the scene uninvited and was asked to leave because of past problems he had with the residents. The assailant then returned with friends after a few minutes, according to police reports.
Together, they broke a closet door, a small, crescent-shaped front door window and attempted to take a television from the front room, Quinlan said.
Jesse J. Roggenbuck, one of the guests, told police officers that the man assaulted him and other guests with a weapon, according to police reports.
Lisa Malchow, a University junior also living in the house, said police removed the stranger once in the winter. At that time, he allegedly bit a police officer.
Although police arrived to Saturday’s incident after the man left, they tagged and transported him out of the area when he returned to retrieve his boots he had left behind.

In other police news:
ù Facilities Management workers returned Saturday morning to a utility tunnel underneath the St. Paul campus to find $1,900 worth of power tools missing from their work area.
The theft took place sometime after 3 p.m. Friday at 2005 Upper Buford Circle in a steam tunnel connecting the St. Paul Student Center to Green Hall, according to the University police report.
A hammer drill valued at $800, welding equipment, a portable band saw, pipe wrenches and various hand tools were taken in what appears to be a pattern of vandalism.
Wayne Estes, a pipefitter working in the tunnel, said there have been three or four break-ins over the last year.
“This is the first time we’ve had something significant stolen,” said Estes, who works for Facilities Management.
The thief entered through a locked manhole cover, which was found ajar Saturday morning.
“They’re (utility tunnels) not easily accessible, except for employees,” Estes said. “But people have gotten in lately.”
Bill Chose, facilities manager on the St. Paul campus, said the tunnels provide access to the steam distribution system.
Estes said some tunnels — at six feet high — are easily walkable. He estimated there are three miles of utility tunnels beneath the St. Paul campus and more than seven miles under the Minneapolis campus.

ùA thief stole a 27-inch color television from the Lutheran Counseling Center at 1101 S.E. University Ave. sometime between April 24 and April 26, according to Minneapolis police.
“It’s a little disheartening because it’s a church,” said Helen Matheson, business manager at the center. “It was during Holy Week.”
Matheson said the television set was taken from a locked storage room within a locked second-floor office.
The thief also took a Toshiba programmable telephone valued at $280, a one-pound container of coffee and 16 tea bags.
“I’m sure it’s already been turned in for money,” Matheson said.

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