Heat wave kills three more in Japan

TOKYO (AP) — A heat wave claimed three more lives Sunday in Japan, raising the death toll for three days of oppressive summer temperatures to seven, a national news agency reported.
Two men, aged 85 and 73, died of sunstroke while doing farm work north of Tokyo, Kyodo News reported.
In Shizuoka, 94 miles west of Tokyo, a 4-month-old baby died in a car while its parents were swimming at a beach, Kyodo said. The temperature there was 96 degrees.
On Friday and Saturday, three men and an elderly woman died as a result of the heat wave and dozens were hospitalized.
In Tokyo, where the average temperature for this period is 80 degrees, thermometers climbed to 97 degrees Saturday and 90 degrees Sunday, the Central Meteorological Agency said.
Seven people were hospitalized with sunstroke Sunday in Tokyo alone, compared with 53 Saturday, said Mikio Endoh of the Tokyo Fire Department.